Why No One Signs Up For Your Events

4 Effective Tips To Get The Responses You Need

You announce registration is open for camp, you can’t wait to see who signs up. But, no one does. A couple of weeks pass by and still no one. Panic sets in and you start to wonder, “What’s going on?”

Whenever I talk to a client about this situation I ask them, “What’s your communication strategy?” Most people don’t have one and that’s the reason no one responds. If you want people responding to your invitations, and announcements you need to:

Your First 5 Steps To Building A Youth Ministry From Scratch

Over three months ago I decided to start over in youth ministry. I started working at a parish with great leadership, a wonderful staff; however, there had been a significant gap in youth ministry.

What that meant was starting from the ground up. No problem, right? If you are starting out in youth ministry or trying to rebuild the one that you have it’s important to take these 5 STEPS:

Are Your Teens Equipped To Lead Their Peers?

A Guest Post from Lyle Griner of Peer Ministry Leadership

I asked a group of youth. “How are you being leaders with your friends?”

Silence. I kept pushing the question. Finally, one girl said, “I don’t think this counts, but I went out with a friend last Friday night. I had not seen her for a while. Her parents are getting a divorce. I thought it would be good to just hang out with her.”  

Why You Might Feel A Little Burnt Out

5 Steps To Help You Catch Your Breath And Refocus

When do you get time off? Are you just coming off a break wondering, “When’s the next one coming along?” If you are constantly tired and feeling like the workload is endless you might be on the verge of burnout.

You want to address the burnout because you really do deep down inside enjoy doing what you are doing. The problem is you constantly feel:

Are You A Grateful Leader?

4 Reasons You Should Show It More Often

I recently watch a Ted Talk entitle The Happy Secret To Better Work by Shawn Achor. It made me think about my own attitude and whether or not I was approaching each day and those I serve with enough gratitude.

Ministry is a grind and there are seasons when we need to lament and mourn. However, if that’s where you stay then you won’t find yourself in ministry for long. If you can lead with gratitude you’ll not only see your mood change, but you’ll see that you are: