How To Incorporate Youth Into The Life Of Your Parish

Why An Apprenticeship Model Is The Best Way To Go

From time to time youth ministers send me their job descriptions and one thing that sticks out to me every time is their responsibility to Incorporate youth more into the life of the parish.

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard.  It’s something we get the gist of, it’s just not always clear what that should look like.  If you want teenagers more active on the weekend then you need to develop an:

Are The Teens In Your Ministry Just Another Number?

3 Ways To Make Them Something More Valuable

No one wants to be a number.  It’s impersonal and doesn’t give a person the value they deserve.  While there is pressure to grow your numbers, it’s important not to lose sight that the numbers have names.

The reason a teenager will come back each week is to feel valued and known.  That might seem overwhelming in a large setting, but it’s possible.  To keep the focus on the person and still grow the numbers you need to:

How To Step Up Your Volunteer’s Game

4 Ideas To Increase Your Investment

How would you rate the effectiveness of your volunteers? Are they helping you run a program or are they helping you create a movement?  It’s your responsibility to make them the latter.

You don’t need volunteers to manage a program, you need them to take your ministry to a new level.  While meetings and planning can help your team work together if you want them to work better:

Why You Need To Collaborate With Others

And Who Are The Right People To Work With

I’ve learned that the hard way that you can’t do ministry on your own.  Every time I’ve tried it’s lead to frustration.  Working with others is a simple principle we tend to forget.

While it’s something we all know we should do it doesn’t always seem practical.  After all working with others means:

Enrollment for MYM HUDDLE: Confirmation Edition Is Now Open

Even though football is over you can still join the HUDDLE.  When I wrote Rebuilding Confirmation my goal was to create a conversation that would help us change the way we approach sacramental preparation.  I truly believe this book will do that, but there needs to be a place where these conversations can be had.  Introducing:


This is an online experience where like-minded men and women passionate about growing disciples can get together to talk about what needs to change, what can change and how that can be applied in their local church.

So, take advantage of this opportunity because registration will close on FEBRUARY 21st, 2017.  If you miss out you’ll have to wait.  To join the Huddle click below: