Courtesy of The Culture Studio

Courtesy of The Culture Studio

Sometimes you need to lean into the fear and take on the big opportunities.  How would your ministry look different if you weren’t afraid?  

  • Name Your Fears
  • Write Down Your Goals
  • Trust God

What are you desiring to take on?

How To Truly Last In Youth Ministry

At the end of a long day I just need to unwind.  My job is filled with many rewards; however, there can be times I just want to mail it in.  One of the ways I release the tension is through music (Especially with songs like Hold On by The Gospel Whiskey Runners).  It’s one of the small things I do to help me last in youth ministry.  

Youth ministry is like a marathon.  It’s a journey filled with challenges and moments when you ask, “Why am I still doing this?”  It can be brutal because of the emotional and spiritual battles that take place.  While youth ministry is grueling it’s still rewarding.

To stick around and witness those rewards you need to know how to last in youth ministry.  That means doing a few small things and not neglecting the essentials.  To last in youth ministry you need to:

6 Actions To Get Teens Coming Back

I used to have that awkward encounter where I would run into a teen that had not shown up to our ministry for a while.  You know that one that used to come every week and then stopped.  You say, “Hey, how’s it going?” when you really want to ask them, “Why haven’t you been coming back?”

The reality is that each teen is facing obstacles, and temptations preventing them from coming back.  While some of the reasons are out of your control, there are 6 action steps you can take to make sure more teens are coming back.  They are:

How To Assist A Family In Need

It happened like it’s happened many times before.  After Mass a parent comes up to me to say, “I have been trying to reach you.”  It’s a moment of desperation, panic or emergency in a parent’s life.  They need you to assist them.  The question is HOW?

As a youth minister families will come to you in time of need.  Even if you are not a parent they’ll want to know how to:

  • Talk to their teen about sex?
  • Get them to focus on their schoolwork?
  • Get them more involved in the church?
  •  Discipline them when they are in trouble?

The list goes on and on.  It can be overwhelming to assist a family or parent in need.  To get through the messiness and be there for a family make sure you: