Do You Really Know Why Your Ministry Exists?

Why does your youth ministry exist? What purpose does it serve in your community? If it ceased to exist would anyone care?

The WHY question is a big one and it’s a little scary to answer. But, it’s probably the most important question a youth minister can ask because it’s going to help you answer:

What You Should Be Doing With Your First Few Months In Youth Ministry

What am I supposed to be doing?” That was the question that ringed in my head the first day I started in youth ministry. It’s a question many of us have and how you answer it matters.

Your first 6 months in ministry matter. They will not only impact your first year in ministry but the foundation you need to create. Instead of sitting at your desk, wondering what to do first:

What To Do When You Don’t Have Enough Volunteers To Run The Ministry You Want

I was recently speaking at a conference about building a team of dynamic volunteers when someone asked, “What do I do if I can’t get adults to serve as leaders in my youth ministry?”

It’s actually a question that I get often. It’s something that’s happened to me several times. When you don’t have the people to run the ministry you want then it’s time to

The Simple Trap That Could Derail Your Ministry’s Success

I sometimes hate social media. When I’m looking at Instagram or Facebook and come across another youth ministry’s feed I find myself combatting an emotion I’m embarrassed to admit. JEALOUSY.

But, the problem isn’t social media. It’s something deeper and can be a big obstacle that holds back your potential to lead the next generation. That problem stems from something called 

How To Deal With Conflict Before It Happens

When you have a problem with a coworker how do you handle it? Do you ignore it, or fight back? While you can’t avoid it, how you deal with it before it happens matters.

You can’t always predict conflict but there are behaviors and circumstances that cultivate it. To prevent big blow ups and ugly tension forming it’s important to: