Consistency has so much power. It’s what builds momentum, clarity and commitment. When you have consistency people will begin to trust what you are saying and that’s key for your ministry. In this MYM 5 Minute Thought Chris looks at the power of consistency and how to implement it.

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The 2 Most Important Things You Should Give Every Volunteer

Building a team of volunteers takes work, but keeping them around is a whole different challenge.  Why they leave could depend on a variety of reasons, but why they stay is due to two:


As a leader you have to give your team both of these things.  And the great part is that giving them to your volunteers isn’t rocket science.  In fact it’s quite simple.  To show your team purpose and gratitude:

Are Teenagers Returning To Your Ministry?

4 Simple strategies that will increase your attendance.

Do you ever get excited seeing someone new walk in the door of your youth ministry?  You feel like your seeing a long lost relative.  Then you panic when they leave at the end of the night wondering, “Are they coming back?” 

We all want consistency in our ministry because it creates a healthy foundation to go and grow deeper.  To achieve consistency means creating a ministry where students feel loved and connected.  It means providing:


Have you ever had to fire a volunteer?  It’s a big question.  Even thought it’s a scenario many of us think about it we aren’t sure if it’s possible.  How do you ask someone who works for free to step down? Check out this video as I share with you some practical steps for helping a minister step away for their benefit and yours.

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What It Really Means To Be A Student Leader

5 qualities of a leader and how to cultivate them in your teens

There are a lot of hard working teenagers in our ministry.  Ones who will do what you ask and not complain.  Are they all leaders? No, well not really.

Identifying a student leader in your ministry isn’t as simple as looking at the teens who show up consistently and work hard.  While those are important characteristics you also need to look at: