Working Within Your Budget

Even if it doesn't exist

Fiscal year has just begun and you’ve recently learned that your budget is not where it needs to be.  The tendency is to lose hope, and gain anxiety.  To fight that tendency you need a plan.

The plan doesn’t have to be more fundraising.  In fact to maximize your budget and have a financially healthy youth ministry you need to:

Introducing Marathon Youth Ministry One-On-One Coaching

There are times when I’m filled with anxiety, questions and concerns.  What’s helped has been the ability to call someone on the phone, and meet with an experienced youth worker.  Now that I’ve been in the field for over a decade it’s a gift that is just as important to give as it is to receive.

I’m excited to officially announce the development of a brand new service called Marathon Youth Ministry Coaching.  MYM Coaching is one-on-one coaching for men and women who have been in the trenches of youth ministry for 5 years or less.  During our time together we would focus on:

3 Things We Unfairly Hold Against Teens

And How To Address It

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “They just don’t care.”  It’s a thought that comes from frustration, disappointment or just being burned out.  And if left unaddressed it can limit your ministry.

The best way to address the situation is by naming it.  While there are several things we hold unfairly against our teens three that I’ve heard (And even experienced) the most are:

Building a Core Leadership Team

If you want your ministry to grow you need to learn how to expand your capacity.  The key factor to building your influence and increasing your impact is by investing in a core leadership team.

We all like the idea of a core leadership team, but where to find these people seems near impossible.  While it won’t necessarily happen overnight, it is doable.  You just need to have faith, patience and:

5 Steps To Learning Why Your Youth Ministry Exists

I have a five year old, which means he loves asking the question, “Why?”  While it can get a little annoying it’s a question we need to be asking ourselves more.  Unfortunately, it’s often asked too late when it comes to what we do professionally.

The vision you have for your youth ministry is the answer to the, “Why?” question.  Vision gives you direction and identify your purpose.  It will help your ministry grow deeper and become more effective.  To develop an effective vision you need to: