What You Need To Do To Get The Year Started Right

Kickoff to the year is close.  As we get ready for another year of ministry at Church of the Nativity I can’t help but wonder, “Are we really ready?”

It’s a hard question to answer and you won’t really know the answer until you’ve started.  But, in the meantime it takes more than just planning curriculum.  To get the year started right you need to make sure you are:

Why Youth Ministry Feels Competitive

And How To Diffuse It

I’m naturally competitive.  I love competition in sports because of the drama and excitement.  But, when it comes to competition in real life it drives me crazy.

Youth ministry can often feel competitive.  You compete with the schedules of teens and volunteers.  You compete with other churches and community events.  It gets tiresome.  If you feel the competition and want it to stop then you need to start:

Big Matter 15 Conference Giveaway

The Matter 15 Conference is only a few months away.  I’m excited because it’s a time where I can connect with people who serve and love the church.  I’m also excited because each year I get to do a BIG GIVEAWAY!

Matter-2015-orange-transparent copy

Why do a giveaway?  Because one thing we love doing at Church of the Nativity is loving people who serve and work in parish ministry.  This is one of the ways we want to invest in you so that you can invest in disciples of Jesus Christ.  This giveaway is different than past years because the lucky winner will receive:

How To Jump Back In After Being Away

Everyone loves vacation, but jumping back into the office afterwards is another story.  All that waits are feelings of dread.  But, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Jumping back in doesn’t have to be painful.  Instead of worrying about what awaits, approach it with a plan.  To make sure you jump in right be sure to:

What To Do With Difficult Parents

It’s easy to go online and find a rant from some teacher, or youth minister griping about parents.  The comments range from, “They just don’t care!”  to “They are suffocating their kids!”  Parents are challenging, but necessary.

Courtesy of symphony of love/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of symphony of love/Creative Commons License

If you want your ministry to be strong you need a healthy approach to parents, even the difficult ones.  Instead of pushing them away, look at loving them.  That means: