Are You Confident With Your Budget?

Who You Need To Help You Be A Budget Ministry Boss

How satisfied are you with your budget for the upcoming fiscal year? If you are like me it’s one of the more stressful tasks you take on as a youth minister. But, it’s something we have to do because a healthy budget is a huge part of a healthy ministry.


If you aren’t a money or numbers person it can be very overwhelming. I’m one of those people that look at spreadsheets and the screen blurs. If you want to gain more confidence and own your budget like a boss then you are going to have to:

How To Boost Your Ministry Numbers

3 Areas To Focus Your Attention And Get Results

How many teens attend your ministry? It’s a question we love to ask and hate to answer. It’s a comparison trap that can create insecurity and jealousy. No matter the number we’re always desiring MORE.

And that’s okay. You should want more teens to attend your ministry because it means that you have the opportunity to reach more with the Gospel. The challenge is growing the ministry and sustaining those numbers. If you want to boost your numbers you have to remember:

Why You Aren’t The Only One Who Feels Lonely

4 Lessons I've Learned Through My Own Battles Of Isolation

Loneliness is one of the biggest challenges I see my clients battle. It’s a feeling of isolation that they describe as, “It just seems like no one cares.” I can relate to their feelings because it’s something I’ve face before.

Loneliness Lonely Child Beach Walk Alone Sea

I’ve worked in large staffs, with dozens of volunteers yet still endured seasons of loneliness in ministry. It’s an emotional and physically draining experience. One that I feel compelled to share because:

How To Deal With Difficult Volunteers

5 Steps To Help You Navigate Through The Situation

We’ve all hit those moments of desperation where we’ll take anyone willing to give their time to serve in the ministry. Sadly this approach rarely works. In the end, instead of having a highly functioning team, we have problems that could have been avoided.

The long-term solution is to create a recruiting structure that prevents difficult volunteers from entering into your ministry. But, the reality is that most of us aren’t there yet and we need to deal with the troublemakers now.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Details

4 Simple Strategies That Prevent The Smallest Of Obstacles From Tripping Us Up

One night as I was preparing for a night of ministry as teenagers began to arrive. As one teen approached he went to a door that I had not unlocked. He looked a little confused as he tried to open it, after a few attempts he started to walk away.

I ran out after him and said, “Hey buddy, where are you going?” He said, “The door was locked so I thought maybe tonight was canceled.” I apologized and reassured him there were already a few people inside. It was a learning lesson that: