5 Time Savers To Maximize Your Capacity

Time is precious, yet we mismanage it all the time. With more time we could reach more teenagers.  With more time we could build a better program.  With more time we could reach more of our goals.

Courtesy of Andrex M

Courtesy of Andrex M

But you only have 24 hours.  Instead of wishing for more time you need to learn how to maximize what you already have.  That means having a system and then engaging it.  Many times people do not know where to start, so I have 5 time savers (And a free giveaway below) I use to maximize my capacity:

How To Embrace The Power Of Feedback

I got an email from a parent I had never met with the title YOUR PROGRAM. I wanted to hide from it, because I assumed, “This is going to be bad.”

I opened it and on the other end was praise and thanks for the way we had impacted her daughter. I love feedback like that. I wish all feedback was like that.

If all feedback was positive we wouldn’t mind it so much. That’s just not the reality.  There will be times when people are critical and it can hurt.

Positive or negative we need feedback because it helps us as a leader. It’s got power to move and change your ministry because it:

4 Hurdles Small Groups Must Overcome

You know small groups have a huge impact on your ministry.  The idea of starting a program is daunting. But, the real hurdles come when you lead one.

When you oversee the program it’s about a strong strategy, vision and mission. When you get into the trenches it gets really messy.  And the reason leading a group can get messy is because:

How To Get More Buy In From Parents

Do not ignore parents.  You need them to help your ministry grow. The way that will happen is by getting them to buy in and invest in you and your youth ministry.


To get more buy in might seem like an impossible task. Parents want what’s best for the kids. What you need to do is clarify that for parents by making sure they know:

How To Respond To A Long Day

Moving from summer to fall means a new season of ministry.  Chances are your weeks will move quicker and your days will feel long.  After a night of ministry you just want to collapse and sleep in the next day. But, you know you can’t, because there is another long day just ahead.

Anytime you transition from one season to the next you need to make adjustments.  Change will naturally tire you and wear you out.  Because ministry is organic you cannot just stop, you need to keep going.  What you need to know is how to bounce back.  That means: