4 Best Practices When It Comes To Ministry And Mobile Devices

Creating a conversation about a changing technology

I love and despise my phone.  It connects me and owns me at the same time.  I’m constantly learning best practices for me, my family and my ministry.

Mobile devices aren’t going anywhere.  Every year it seems like the age gets younger and younger when a teen get his or her first phone.  While more and more of the next generation get their hands on a mobile device you have to wonder:

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5 Excuses Youth Ministers Need To Avoid Making

And 5 Steps To Avoid Making Them

There are going to be moments when you don’t see the results you hope for.  When expectations aren’t met you want to find a reason.  While it might be tempting it’s important to avoid making excuses.

While excuses can be justified they often don’t lead to solutions.  And while there are several excuses we can make their are 5 youth ministers should especially avoid:

How To Thrive Under Pressure

4 Practices To Help You Get Ready For The Beginning Of The Year

Life gets crazy around this time of year.  Summer is winding down (for some of us it’s over) and a full year of ministry awaits.  There is content to write, ministers to recruit and it feels like a wave that’s going to crush you.

Breathe, because you can do this.  The weeks leading up to something big, like the beginning of a season or a large event, can be daunting.  You beg God to survive, but what if you could do more.  If you want to thrive during times of pressure:

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