How To Get Your Small Groups Started

3 Areas To Pour All Your Energy Into When Getting Started

Events, trips, and even outreach opportunities will attract teens to your ministry. But, they’ll stay and come back only if they form authentic and real relationships. That will happen if you have a healthy small group program.

Small groups are powerful but they can’t just be thrown together. They need a plan and a structure. To get your small groups started you need to:

Why Your Ministry Needs Interns

4 Benefits An Internship Brings To Your Church

We could always use more help. Volunteers are great but they have full-time lives. Then there is hiring more employees, but the budget doesn’t always allow for it. If you are in that in between another area to consider are INTERNSHIPS.

Investing in an internship at your church or ministry is worth checking out. It’s not only a way of expanding your capacity in the short term but an opportunity to set you up for success in the future because an internship is a:

Why The State Of Your Space Matters

4 Simple Steps We Can All Take To Create An Engaging Environment

I once had to pick up a friend on the way to an event we were both going to attend. When I got to his house, I knocked on the door, he opened it and invited me in. I thanked him but stood in the doorway. The house looked like a disaster and I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk my health by entering.

I might sound like a shallow friend, but the reality is that if an environment feels unwelcoming, or even unsafe no one will feel comfortable. That’s the same case with your gathering space when it comes to your ministry. If you:

How To Make Changes To Your Confirmation Program

Overcoming the pushback and excuses

Right now a lot of churches are celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation. It’s a season that is filled with joy and there is also a moment of relief that preparation is over, for now.

How you prepare disciples to receive the sacrament of Confirmation is never over. While you might not have active gatherings or classes it’s definitely good to analyze what you do. With that, you’ll see the need to make changes, but before you do make sure you:

What’s Holding Your Ministry Back?

4 Obstacles That Leaders Should Avoid Bringing To Their Ministry

It’s tough being the leader. You need big vision and the ability to take people in the direction God’s calling you to travel. It’s not always simple, and that can be due to our own mistakes.

There will be difficult seasons in your ministry, but a good leader will prevail. They’ll know which moves to make, who to rely on and how to approach the situation. Leadership is hard but it really only becomes complicated when we: