3 Roles Youth Ministers Try To Push Away

You went into your youth ministry position thinking your roles and responsibilities would be solely on the teens.  You learn that they are more than that and it doesn’t seem right.

That’s the reality.  Youth ministry is an ever changing industry and that means you need to be able to change too.  In fact the longer you are ministry the more your roles will change.

The worst thing you can do is fight them. You need to embrace these roles because many of them will bring your ministry to a new level.  While there are several we could discuss, there are three that simply cannot be ignored.  They are:

How To Balance Fun And Discipleship

We’re led to believe that youth ministry that’s too much fun is simply entertainment.  And a youth ministry that is all about theology is boring and even irrelevant.

You want to teach truth, but you don’t know if teens will lose interest.  You want to have fun but you don’t know if it’ll water down the faith.  The problem is that:

What Your Meeting Needs To Be Effective

You work hard at reminding people to come to your meetings and it doesn’t seem to work.  No matter how much you stress them importance it just doesn’t seem like a priority.  You get angry.

You want people to come to your meetings.  There is much to discuss and work out, but people just won’t commit.  The problem is you are forgetting a few important details.  If you want your meetings to be effective than you need to remember that:

When You Should Expect Results

No one has to wait anymore.  With the advances in technology everything from food to information can be given to us instantaneously.  Well, almost everything.

I’ve been blessed to travel around the country the last year with my pastor to help promote his book Rebuilt.  And, one of the questions we’re consistently asked is:

5 Steps To Get Teens Further Involved

If you want your teens to have more of a presence in church you need to think outside the youth room.  In fact you might need to think beyond mission work.  To elevate the awareness of the next generation you need to get teens involved inside the church building.

At Church of the Nativity we call ministry service inside of the church.  It’s what we do to create an irresistible worship environment for our community.  When teens are involved inside the church building it: