6 Tasks Get Done Before The New Year

The weeks before the end of the year is like the final sprint before the finish line of a race. Everyone is moving to get as much done. Then New Years Eve happens, we breathes and the marathon starts all over again.

Whether you are ramping up or winding down it’s important to set yourself up for success before the new year begins.  After all youth ministry is a journey. While you can anticipate some things, many are still a surprise.

To set yourself up for the best year ever doesn’t take a lot of effort, in fact it can be real simple.  Here are 6 small steps you can take before the new year begins:

3 Biggest Obstacles To Leading Effectively

Sometimes the largest obstacles to your own success are right there in front of you.  In fact they can be the most difficult to notice because they are personal.  But, if not addressed they can lead you to frustration and burnout.

Early on I struggled to get out of my own way.  Things were not going the way I had hoped. I tried to control them and only found let down.  I was frustrated because:

5 Steps To Increase Rest And Productivity

You wake up hung over.  The problem is that you didn’t go out clubbing or drinking, it was just a regular night of ministry.  That’s because ministry will take a toll on you.  If not done right it will rob you of rest.

And you need rest.  It’s just as important as your prayer life because it will:

Why You Need To Be More Professional

To be a professional youth minister takes a lot of work.  It’s something we all know, but what it means to be a professional youth minister isn’t always clear.

I can show up to work in jeans, and throw pizza parties. And, I’m responsible for the spiritual journey of the thousands of teenagers in my zip code.  

Many times people see the pizza, but not the burden of a professional youth minister.  That needs to change.  To go beyond pizza and lock-ins youth ministry needs to be taken seriously.  To do that you need to:

The Most Important Piece Of Small Groups

When teenagers come consistently it builds momentum for growth and deeper discipleship.  The problem is cultivating that consistency.  That’s why small groups are so important.  

Small groups bring the consistency and create growth because of one piece.  When it comes to small groups it’s all about the: