27 Big Investments

The Yankees won the World Series last night, which makes me happy but I’m not here to brag, but tell you all that I learned over the last 9 years they spent about $1.8 billion on doing what they’ve done now 27 times. This past Sunday Father White talked about Michael Bloomberg dropping a measly $100 mill on his television ads for the mayoral race that he won…all I got to say is that’s a lot of coin. As everyone who reads this blog knows I’m looking at getting a new car and I’ve been thinking about where we invest our money and how much we invest it into a certain product. If we are successful at something and we invest a lot into it we often say, “It was worth the sacrifice.” But is that true? I guess it depends on what you sacrificed. If it’s just money then it’s no big deal right? If you aren’t in debt, but not tracking your finances is that okay? God has high standards for His money and maybe it’s easy for me to say this but I’m glad the Yankees won the World Series but $1.8 is a lot of coin…I would kind of like to see that put somewhere else.

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  • You had to bring it up. Wait till next year. GO O’sssssssss!!!!!