3 Biggest Obstacles To Leading Effectively

Sometimes the largest obstacles to your own success are right there in front of you.  In fact they can be the most difficult to notice because they are personal.  But, if not addressed they can lead you to frustration and burnout.

Early on I struggled to get out of my own way.  Things were not going the way I had hoped. I tried to control them and only found let down.  I was frustrated because:

  • Volunteers couldn’t live up to my standards
  • Teens rarely did what I asked
  • Parents were always out to get me
  • People didn’t understand I had other commitments
  • What they were asking was beneath me

The problem was everyone else, or at least I thought.  In the end I realized the biggest obstacle to leading effectively was:


If you approach ministry only thinking about “ME” then you’ll never get anywhere.  While there will always be obstacles you need to make sure you do not let these three that feed the “ME mentality take you down:


You might not admit out loud that you:

  • Know everything
  • Can do it on your own
  • Are the only one that cares

But, internally you’ve felt this way.  It’s the tension between pride and humility.  And it’s the reason you do not delegate or collaborate effectively.  Pride will limit you and your ministry. 

To combat pride surround yourself with people who will call you out.  Spend time in prayer asking God to strip it away.  And get in the habit of thanking others for their gifts, talents and contributions.


I make them, you make them and everyone makes them.  Excuses come from the frustration of not knowing the how, what, why or when.  While some are legitimate many can end up as cop outs.

Own the situation and realize you still have a choice.  Many times that choice is the attitude you will take.  Ask God to help you see the situation as an opportunity.   


No one likes to fail. It brings feelings of self doubt and insecurity.  Instead of avoiding it, embrace it. Allow fear to humble you and then accept the fact that God is going to ask you to step outside of your comfort zone.

To face your fears:

  • Address them immediately.  
  • Openly admit what you fear.
  • Share it with a trusted friend.
  • Offer it up to God.

When you can attack your fears they won’t last long as an obstacle.

A leader (Check out this post on traits of a leader HERE) will constantly need to grow and face conflict. In the end what will pull you through any obstacle is trust that God will provide you with the people, resources and answers you need.  

Question: What other obstacles lay in the way of leading effectively?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Jake

    Fear is my biggest one for sure.

    • Jake thanks for sharing. I’ve found memorizing scripture has helped me engage the fear that stands in the way of leading effectively.