4 Message Speaking Tips

It feels like I’ve been doing a lot of speaking lately.  On top of talking to teenagers on a weekly basis, I’ve been traveling with my Pastor Father White and our Associate to the Pastor Tom Corcoran for Rebuilt and I’ll be speaking in front of the adult congregation this weekend.  It’s a lot of work, but very rewarding.  

Speaking is an important part of youth ministry.  You speak to the teens about what they need to know.  You speak to lead an activity or a meeting.  If you’re skills are not fined tuned then people will in turn tune out.  To make sure you are speaking effectively:

  • Study Other Speakers: Everyone has a different presentation style and there is a lot you can learn from them.  Watch people you know, celebrities, pastors or stand up comedians to see how they do it.  Try out what works for them and see what works for you.  Good speakers are leaders who learn.
  • Margin Time To Practice: This might seem obvious; however, can be a challenge to do.  It’s easy to feel like you are done after writing a message.  Put aside a few hours (depending on the length of the talk) each week to just practice your craft over and over again.  It might seem tedious, but it will pay off.
  • Practice In Front Of A Crowd: If you do not practice in others, you’ll miss on reaching your audience.  It’s important to invite others to listen to your tone, delivery and pace.  Let them give you feedback on how certain parts hit them and what you can do to be more clear.
  • Review Yourself: If at all possible record your live presentations.  Set up a video camera, record on your phone or set up a good old fashion tape recorder.  It’s hard to listen or watch yourself; however, it’ll make you more aware the next time you deliver a message.

Work your craft and watch your speaking improve.  Welcome feedback and make it a priority in your day to day job.  The better you are at speaking, the stronger you will be as a leader.

What other speaking tips would you offer?