3 Things We Unfairly Hold Against Teens

And How To Address It

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “They just don’t care.”  It’s a thought that comes from frustration, disappointment or just being burned out.  And if left unaddressed it can limit your ministry.

The best way to address the situation is by naming it.  While there are several things we hold unfairly against our teens three that I’ve heard (And even experienced) the most are:


You teach your teens not to judge; however, it’s easy to find yourself doing the same.  Maybe you think a teen isn’t:

  • Capable of leading because they were a goofball in middle school.
  • A good influence serving kids because they had a questionable past.
  • A sign of success because they aren’t considered popular by peers.

No matter the reputation it’s important to move past that.  Remind yourself and your team to love unconditionally.  Welcome teens and let them know you are so glad they are at your ministry.


Some of the impressions you have about teens are based on interactions you have had with parents.  If you love the parents you love the teens.  If you dislike the parents you think to yourself, “The apple must not fall far from the tree.”

Make the relationships you have with parents a priority.  Get to know parents and then look at their teens as independent individuals.  Recognize people have flaws and move on.  Build those relationships.


The world says a lot of things about the next generation.  The question you need to answer is, “Will you buy into the hype?”  Constantly we hear:

  • Teens are lazy.
  • They are disengaged.
  • The next generation is apathetic.
  • Teens want everything instantly.

While you might be able to point to real life examples it’s unfair to hold your entire teen community responsible.  There are teens who are passionate and can lead on levels higher than adults.  You just need to invest in them personally to see those results.

Any time you find yourself holding unfair biases or opinions about your teens stop yourself and ask the question, “What’s the source to these feelings?”  The truth might be a heart issue.  Tackle it by:

  • Addressing it early.
  • Sharing it with an accountability partner.
  • Offering it up in prayer.

The more it festers the more it will hold you back from leading and growing next generation disciples.

Question:  What are some things you unfairly hold against the next generation?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.