3 Tips To Woo Potential Ministers

A habit that I’m trying to incorporate into my Sunday routine is going around after Mass to meet new people.  I do this for a variety of reasons.  First, it gives me energy, as an extrovert I get my fuel from meeting people.  Secondly, it’s to meet new students and get to know their parents.  Lastly, I  get out there to meet potential ministers.  Does it work?  Sure but it takes some strategy because it’s not always as simple as asking, you have to win them over.  Here are three tips I take to woo potential ministers:

  1. Paint Vision – Unless they have been thinking about serving in your ministry chances are they’ll need time before saying yes or no.  Give them an honest picture of what your ministry aims to accomplish.  Even if they aren’t a fit for student ministry you’ve given them a reason to believe in your calling and the next best thing to a minister is someone carrying your vision.
  2. Build A Relationship – Get to know them by allowing them to get to know you.  Often times your status as a youth pastor can serve as a barrier.  I’m not saying you are a celebrity (though you might think so), but often times your “holiness” might make you unapproachable.  Or, the barrier might be your age or attitude.  Regardless of the barrier break it down by reaching out to them and building a relationship, even if it’s casual.
  3. Give Them A Plan – It’s intimidating for some to commit to a ministry.  They’re going to want to know that you will support them and train them.  They’re going to have questions about commitment.  Give them a plan that shows them support.  Your goal isn’t just to make them a better minister but a better Christian.

There is no fool proof plan to sealing the deal (sorry), but the goal is to plant seeds. It might seem a little shady to woo ministers, but the reality is people want to feel wanted.  What you are doing is inviting them to be a part of your team, if you don’t want it to be shady, then make sure you are authentic.  In other words target people you feel will be a blessing to your ministry, not just fill a hole.

How do you woo potential ministers?