3 Ways To Keep Your Ministry Simple

Permission forms, teenage drama, and helicopter parents are a few of the things that can make youth ministry complicated.  While some of it you can control others you have to just deal with.

Youth ministry will be messy but it doesn’t have to be complex.  As a youth minister you need to work hard to keep your processes and programs simple.  To accomplish simplicity you need to:


If things are not clear then you can expect an array of results.  Whether it’s a meeting or a message you need to know exactly what you want people to know and do.

To reach clarity you will find yourself repeating.  You need to make sure other people hear what you say and you will have to know it’s never a done deal.


The reason things get complex is because you are doing too much.  Instead of creating a to-do list create a stop doing.  Put down everything you need to pass off to others or things that aren’t working towards your ministry’s vision.

If you cannot figure it out sit down with a trusted coworker or minister.  Ask them to point out the things that you are doing that you should not be doing.  Find what is most important and focus.


The faster you go the harder it becomes to manage responsibilities.  Slow things down by looking at your schedule and putting in margin and breaks.

A few places you can do that is by having lunch away from the desk.  After you finish a major project take a walk around the church building.  Turn off technology when you get home and just find peace.

Ministry is messy but it doesn’t have to be complex.  Do not fold to the pressure that you have to do everything in order to reach everyone.  Embrace your identity by looking to God and keeping things simple.

Question:  How do you keep things simple in your ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.