4 Characteristics Of A High-Capacity Leader

Your ministry needs more than just warm bodies to make it run at a high level.  Your ministry needs volunteers who are leaders.  It needs high-capacity leaders willing to take your ministry to a new level.

Where to find these leaders can be a challenge.  While some might pop out of the wood work others need to be cultivated. To create a culture of high-capacity leaders you need to know what one looks like.  They are people who:


As a leader you want to grow and that means risks.  You want your team to follow.  High-capacity leaders will follow you despite the risk. They’ll trust your decisions.

Instead of complain they will troubleshoot and brainstorm.  You want volunteers willing to go into battle with you.


To keep up with a changing world you need to grow.  As a leader you cannot be the only one growing, you need your team learning as well.  High-capacity leaders know there is still so much they don’t know. 

The volunteers who want to take it to the next level will want to learn more about the craft. Give them the resources and opportunities they need in order to continuously grow.


A great leader is someone who shares the praise and takes the blame.  A high-capacity leader is someone who knows that you are only as strong as the weakest link.  That means serving others to bring them up a level.

You want leaders who aren’t in it for themselves.  They are in it to make others better and bring them God’s love. These are the leaders that help you care for others on your team.


People who commit to the vision of your ministry will go the extra mile.  They not only know the vision but share it with others.  For them it’s about being a part of something bigger. These will be your vision carriers.

To cultivate a culture of high-capacity leadership give them the opportunity to grow.  If you see someone with potential give them the opportunity to lead others.  

Allow them to make major decisions.  And see failure as an opportunity for them to go and grow to a higher level.

Question: What are other characteristics of a high-capacity leader?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.