4 Simple Steps To Help You Embrace What Limits Your Ministry

We’re always desiring more.  We want more volunteers.  We want more money for our budget.  We want more teens to show up to program.  While there is nothing wrong with wanting more it’s important to embrace your limits.

It can be frustrating not to have what you want.  It would be great to have it all, but there isn’t a ministry that does HAVE IT ALL.  To succeed and thrive with what you have it’s important to:


Whether it’s time, money or attendance you need to be tracking what you have.  When you know what you have it’ll help you make wiser choices about what you can and can’t do.

Make sure you keep a calendar, put together a budget and track it’s use.  If you aren’t a numbers person find someone you can delegate these tasks to.



To work within your limits you need to remain adaptable.  You have to know that you won’t always have what you want and things won’t always go the way you expected.  To stay adaptable you need to make sure you:

  • Constantly communicate.
  • Preach the vision to your team.
  • Keep encouraging your team, especially if it gets difficult.

Ministry is messy and requires leaders and volunteers to stay on their toes.  It might feel like you are being limited, but in reality it’s just a part of the job.


Again, feeling limited can be frustrating.  You might not worry about it, but be aware that your team could take on the burden.  Invest in the men and women around you by getting to know them personally.

How you invest in them is important as well.  It not only means spending time with them but asking them to chime in and share their perspective towards the ministry.  Get them thinking about what’s holding you back and encourage them to think outside the box.


Whether you have a lot or a little God has your right where He wants you.  Try not to complain, but thank God for what He has given you.  Trust that He will always provide, but don’t be afraid to ask for more.

Just know that you aren’t alone with being limited.  Limits are there for a reason and knowing that God has you in the right place can give you the confidence you need to lead.

Embrace the limits you have, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.  Communicate with those around you and stay adaptable.  Ministry is hard, but it is even more rewarding.

Question:  What are some of the biggest limitations you face in ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.