4 Tasks You Have To Do Before The Next Meeting

The months of May and June are very busy for us.  While we take a step back from the usual programming there are still a lot of tasks that need to be done.  To reach our goals means rallying together our volunteers.  That means plenty of meetings.

Meetings are important in youth ministry.  They allow you to:

  • Cast Vision
  • Hash Out Ideas
  • Celebrate Accomplishments
  • Build Community

They have the potential to bring your ministry to the next level. BUT, they need to be done well  A volunteer needs to feel like it’s worth their while or they will not show up.  So before you plan that next meeting make sure you tackle these 4 tasks:


What do you want to accomplish with your gathering?  Is it one of the goals listed above?  No matter what the goal make it clear and make it intentional.  People will be thankful knowing why you are asking for their time.

To make the goal clear include it in the invitation you make for the meeting.  If everyone walks in with the same goal in mind, chances are your meeting will be more productive.


Just like the goal you want people to be clear on what to expect.  That means including all the details, even if they seem insignificant.  Your communications leading up to the meeting should include:

  • End Time And Start Times
  • Whether Or Not Their Is Food
  • What They Should Prepare
  • Location, Location And Location

When people know what to expect they will feel more confident walking in.


There is nothing worst than rushing around last minute to find pens while people arrive for your meeting.  It’s the same feeling you would have walking into a party only to find the host still cleaning the bathrooms.  Make sure your environments are clean and set-up.

If you have materials to prepare make sure it’s done well in advance.  This way you give yourself the opportunity to have others review it.  You can avoid errors and other costly mistakes.  On top of that you can get yourself mentally, spiritually and emotionally ready if all the tasks are taken care of.


Create a checklist of what has to be done. Then delegate it like crazy.  Give yourself margin by allowing others to help you prepare.  In the end if you remember something last minute you will have the capacity to do it.

Find people you trust who can get you out of a pinch.  Be clear with what it is you want them to do.  Make your meeting planning a team effort so that you are not totally exhausted before the event begins.

Meetings are important.  Do not under prepare.  You might not know how to make them exciting or engaging (You can by reading this post); however, you can take away a lot of the pain by preparing well in advance.  

What tasks need to be done when it comes to preparing for a meeting?