4 Things Every Student Leader Needs To Know

Today we are at the Student Leadership Conference with Doug Fields.  It’s something we’ve done with our students a few times and it’s a great way of growing disciples and leaders in the local church.

As a youth minister you need to not only pour into teens but equip them for the long term.  That means investing in them through a variety of resources and opportunities.  It’s also helping them understand:


When you grow up in church it’s easy to believe that it’s all about you.  Your teens need to know that the church is their to bring those unlike Christ into a relationship with Him.

To help them reach that goal they need to know the target audience.  Who are the people in your community that not only need Christ but could be influential in bringing others along?

Spend time with your teens by talking about the community.  Have them discuss why people don’t come and what might be holding them back.  Get them thinking about those not sitting in the pews.


When a teen knows why your church exists they’ll approach it like a movement.  To help them embrace it’s identity you need to teach them the vision, mission and values.

Have them memorize each one.  Create conversations on what they mean.  When teens know the purpose of the church they’ll start to see how important their role is.


When your teens graduate from high school and move away you need to make sure they know how to grow on their own.  That means giving them tools and teaching them habits that will stay with them for life.

Connect them in relationships with adults who are modeling this.  Encourage one on one conversations.  Make sure you are showing them the how when teaching them the what.


When teens have confidence in their story they’ll build confidence in their relationship with God.  They’ll see how He’s a part of the big picture and learn to trust Him.

Provide opportunities where they can share their story in front of their peers.  Set up time in small groups, have a teen give it in front of a large group or get them to write it down.  Story sharing will not only increase confidence but comfort for evangelization.

Your ministry is not just a place to entertain teens.  Your ministry is designed to commission next generation disciples.  Disciples are not only followers of Christ but leaders in the church.

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