5 Components Of An Effective Crowd Program

A key to a consistent ministry is small groups.  It’s small groups where teens go deeper.  It’s small groups where life change can happen.  But, it’s in the large group where momentum is created.

While small groups are important you need a time where teens gather together in a large group.  This is where they learn how to be a part of the larger church.  It’ll show them community and corporate worship.  But, it’s not just about fun and games.  An effective large group program:


Large group programs are not like events.  They should have a simple format that you and your team can repeat week in and week out.  When you can repeat them you can build momentum.  As you get stronger you can tweak the program and bring it to a new level.


Your ministry needs to exist for the teens who are not there.  While large groups can be intimidating it can provide them a taste of church world and remain a little anonymous.

Craft your hospitality and content to welcome outsiders.  Make sure they are welcomed but not singled out.  Allow them to test the temperature of church world without making a big commitment.


The big question teens ask when they show up is, “Why is this important?”  Your large group program needs to be clear as to why it exists.  It’s a place for corporate worship, and to build faith filled community.

Make sure everything you do is not only simple but is relevant to their lives.  Take the time to explain why certain things matter and how it will work in their lives.


Keep in touch with those who attends.  It will make them feel like they are part of something more than just an event.  To drive home community:

  • Send out emails with updates.
  • Plug the website and social media.
  • Push small groups.

Let the teens know that by coming they are a part of something bigger.  Show them that coming together on a weekly basis is more than an experience.


The reason music, a message and games are a huge part of your large program is because they build momentum.  In order for them to effectively do that you need to make sure they are done efficiently.  That means you need to:

  • Prepare them ahead of time.
  • Practice professionally.
  • Put the right people in charge of them.

Don’t just throw together the components of a large program.  Make sure they create a flow that is both emotional and engaging.

Large group programs build community and they can give your teens a central gathering.  They aren’t meant to replace small groups but be a step into them.  Take time to build a consistent program that is simple but will communicate to teens that they are in the right place.

Question:  What’s an important part of your large group program?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.