5 Simple Steps To Recruit More Volunteers

I was not being simple.  Instead of asking, “Will you get involved.”  I was trying to use imagery and analogies to persuade this person to serve.  My problem?  I feared rejection and failure.  

While those were legitimate concerns, I needed to get over it.  I finished the email and hit send.  Then I waited and waited some more.  Finally, I got an email saying, “Sure.”  

That was it?  What was I nervous about again?

Recruiting volunteers should not be complex.  Your process needs to be simple.  It needs to be clear.  To build your team of volunteers you need to practice these 5 simple steps:


It might sound simple and that’s because it is.  Ask God for the opportunities to encounter men and women suitable for your ministry.  Be specific with who you want.  God will bless your ministry as long as you trust Him to bring you the right people.


Your pastor has a lot of sway.  Have him preach it from the pulpit.  See if he knows people that are worth asking.  Ask him to ask people who are worth asking.  When your pastor has your back it gives you and your ministry clout.  Don’t be afraid to go to him for assistance and insight.  


Do people in your church know how to get involved in your student ministry?  Many times a someone will plea with the congregation, “We need help”.  The intimidation is huge; however, by being clear on:

  • Where to go.
  • What they need.
  • Who they should speak to.

When you are clear you are also making the process simple.


Encourage your current volunteers to spread the word.  Make serving in your ministry seem irresistible and attractive. Be clear by encouraging your volunteers to share stories of success with their friends.  Post pictures on your website, or Facebook page.  Let people in and even if they do not sign up, they’ll help you advocate.


There is nothing more simple than an invitation.  It’s intimidating and you might feel bad for asking.  The truth is, someone might be relieved.  They could be waiting for you to say, “Please join us.“.  Extending the personal invite is progressive and will contribute to that buzz you so want.

Keep it simple.  Keep it clear.  On top of that care and love your volunteers.  Those relationships will help you fuel the church in the right way.

What other strategies would you add to this list?

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