5 Steps To Empty Your Plate

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means lots of food.  I’m not sure about you but every year I have the tendency to overload my plate.  The result is indigestion. Unfortunately, it’s not the only time. Too often it happens in youth ministry.

Your plate can get overloaded for a number of reasons. Some are in your control and others far from it.  No matter the reason your goal should be to empty your plate as efficiently as possible.  

To get started you need to:


If you go at it alone you’ll miss some of the big things holding you back.  If you can talk with your pastor or supervisor.  Have someone who knows you and your limits look at your to-do’s and responsibilities.

When you seek assistance you gain accountability.  This way you know that you will be successful on clearing that plate.


The reason your plate gets full is because you add to-do’s and never stop.  Look at your tasks and responsibilities and circle the ones that you:

  • Don’t know why you are doing them.
  • Don’t want to do anymore.
  • Feel are out of your expertise.

When you create a stop doing list you’ve created the groundwork for delegation and elimination.


There are tasks that your volunteers would love to do even if you do not enjoy it.  That’s because we are all gifted and shaped in different ways.  

Look at the people on your team to determine who can take what.  If you aren’t sure share it with a few core team members and say, “I need help on this.”

When you delegate you not only unload your plate but give yourself more capacity.


The reason your plate gets full is because you don’t know how to say, “No.” (For more on how to say no, click here) And that might be due to the fact that you are afraid of missing out on good.  

But, in order to be great you need to say no to good.  That means taking time to discern a decision and consulting people you trust. When you say no to good it gives you the opportunity to say yes to great.


The reason our plate can get full is because we forget what it is we are designed to do.  When you know your vision and mission you’ll understand what leads you towards it and what pulls you away.  

Memorize the vision and mission that you have and when an opportunity is placed in front of you determine how it impacts them.

Embrace the systems and structures that will help you empty your plate.  Slow down your pace and don’t rush through the day.  In the end it will be worth it and you won’t need youth ministry antacid.

Question:  How do you avoid from overloading your plate?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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