5 Tips To Make Your Messages Engaging

Teenagers aren’t going to learn if you just hand them a book and say, “Read”.  They need someone to speak into their lives and give them a message that will inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge them.

Your youth ministry is a place where that message needs to be delivered.  But, it’s more than just getting up on a stage and talking.  Your message needs to be relevant and engaging.  To do that you need to:


Faith is personal and the way you drive that home is by sharing how this relates in your life.  It’s not only about picking a relevant theme but sharing how it relates in your life.

Give them a story or example of how you’ve viewed or experienced that theme.  This will help them see that this isn’t some 2000 year old principle.  You are someone familiar and that will help them connect to a theme that may not.


While there is so much to cover you cannot cover it all.  The bottom line answers the question, “Why is this important?”  It’s the one thing you need to communicate.  Fill your message with examples, and stories around that bottom line.  Don’t be afraid to even come out and say, “This is the bottom line.”


On top of a bottom line you need to apply it to their life.  After answering the question, “Why is this important?” you need to show them “What this looks like in their life?”

The more teens can practice what you preach the more confidence they will build.  Give them examples of how you are living it out.  Make sure they see and hear examples of it in everyday life.


When you are aware of your audience you’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • How long should I speak?
  • What topic should I cover?
  • What style of speaking should I use?

Look at what has their attention already.  Make your speaking interactive so that they are engaged.  Remember you are delivering a message for them and not you.


You cannot just wing a message. You need to practice and pour time into it.  Have people analyze and review it.  Make sure it’s accomplishing what you need it to accomplish.

If you are not a gifted speaker find someone in your ministry who is or pay someone.  Your content is valuable and it cannot be misrepresented.  Make sure whoever delivers the message has the time and energy to prepare for it.

Your message matters.  It’s not only what you say but how you present it that has an impact on teen’s lives.  Make your message a priority by giving it the attention and structure it needs to relay God’s love.

Question:  When it comes to message delivery do you present or find others?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.