A Clear Picture of Our Vision

This Saturday I’m planning a training for my ministers…with snow on the horizon I’m hoping we can still have it. I’m looking to have them focus on our vision (Authentic.Consistent.Irresistible Ministry) and how it can pull us through the rough times. One of the hardest things for me to see is ministers leave because of burnout. It doesn’t seem to happen much anymore in student ministry…at least not as often as it use to but it’s still hard everytime a minister leaves. I know as the ministers base grows it’s going to be harder to know each minister as personally as I would like, that’s why having point people is so important. I think it’s also important for them to know our vision. Having vision is like having a flashlight in the darkness, it shows you how to get through. Having vision is like a compass, it shows us the direction we need to take. Having vision is like having a great pair of running shoes it’ll take you the distance.
You can never underestimate the importance of a vision because without what you are doing is nonsense…even toilsome.
This Saturday I would love f0r the ministers to walk away with a clear picture of the Upward Ministries vision. Because together we can move this church.