A Few New Voices

Wireless Internet is down, I have my computer plugged into an Ethernet chord, I’m just happy to have an Ethernet connection. Anyway, I’m trying to get things pumped up and ready for the weekend. Week 1 of Me Myself and I AM begins this Thursday and I’m hoping that we get started on a high note. Throughout this series we’ll be trying a couple of new things, and that’s what I want to share with you all over the next few days.

The first “New Thing” or “Experiment” we are going to try this series is to have a different speaker for each week. I’ve had different people speak at program in the past, but this will be the first time where we go multiple weeks in a row. Two of the other speakers are staff (Tom and Kristin) and the other two speakers are ministers (Nick and Sami). I’m excited to see how this will work because it’ll give the students some new perspectives. It will also give the messages a new voice, not that mine is becoming mundane, but it’ll give us a chance to freshen things up. The other benefit to other speakers is that it will give me a chance to step back and observe the program from a different light. It will allow me to see things I probably don’t see before. I’m hoping new speakers will bring about margin to the weekends, but also bring it to a new level of discipleship for the students.