A Lot To Learn From 2ft+ Of Snow

It is safe to say that Baltimore is overwhelmed by the recent snowfall and with another chance of 5+ inches forget about it. I know other places in the country might be laughing at us, but listen we just tripled our seasonal average of snowfall (20 inches to 60 inches) and we don’t have the resources other areas have and I don’t care what you drive, driving through 2 feet of unplowed snow is ridiculous.
And all this ridiculousness makes me nervous about Uprising this Thursday because of the snow that’s supposed to come Tues/Wed. I just don’t like the idea of canceling programs. I love what I do, I love coming to work, I love being with the students and I think this snow storm has helped this feeling emerge. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being at home with my wife, but today she is working so if it was between being at home alone or working with students, I’ll pick the latter. There’s a lot to learn from 2ft-3ft of snow and this is just what happens to be on my heart.