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My name is Christopher Wesley and I’m a youth ministry consultant.  I served over 12 years at Church of the Nativity in Timonium, MD as the Director of Student Ministry.  I’m the author of Rebuilding Youth Ministry.  I love the local church, youth ministers and I want to see the next generation reached for Christ.



This is my site and it’s focused on helping parishes and youth ministers with creating experiences, opportunities and relationships for the next generation of disciples.  I want to come alongside of you and help you in your journey.  Doesn’t matter if you are full time, part time, volunteer or not even involved in youth ministry.  My hope is that you pick up some tools, learn from my failures and receive encouragement to be successful in mobilizing the next generation through the local parish.

While I’m here to share a little bit about myself I don’t want you to be afraid to reach out and connect with me.  I’m on Twitter and Instagram and you can find me there @chrisrwesley.  Also there is a Facebook community for Marathon Youth Ministry as well.  If you want to stay up to date with posts or any future promotions, don’t be afraid to subscribe below.

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A Little More About Me:

I graduated from Xavier University with a BA in Communications: Electronic Media. I moved to Baltimore after college where I served as a Jesuit Volunteer for a year. During that time, I was a case manager at Chase Brexton, a health care facility located in the heart of Baltimore. After my year of volunteering I felt God’s calling, although not entirely sure of it, into Student Ministry.

In the summer after my year of volunteering, I was hired by Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland as a Middle School Youth Minister. Over the next 12 years I oversaw grades 6-12 and young adults (18-29) as the Director of Student Ministry.

Today, I’m building Marathon Youth Ministry to be a resource for parishes and youth ministers.  Marathon Youth Ministry was created to help youth ministers find the tools they need to lead a long lasting ministry.  It’s also set on helping parishes discover the right youth ministry for their community.  If you would like to partner please contact me HERE.

While I spend most of my time with Marathon Youth Ministry you can also find me on Download Youth Ministry. I’ve also been published in Group Magazine (July/Aug 2012 edition) and the Immerse Journal (Going Deeper With Doug Pagitts 575 Weeks).  As I mentioned I’m the author of Rebuilding Youth Ministry and in January of 2017 my next book Rebuilding Confirmation will be released.

I have been married for over 9 years to my beautiful wife Kate, and together we have two awesome boys Matthew and Benjamin. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, working outside in the yard, hiking, and most especially running.

My Contact Information:
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  • Toohill Matt


    I’ve read the Rebuilt book, and Rebuilding Youth Ministry. I’m interested in going the small group route. I have several questions about resources, and scheduling I’d like to ask. Is there any way I could call or e-mail, or would asking here be the best forum?

  • Bill Cramsie

    Hey Chris … How are you doing? Just writing to say you need to update your about me box on the bottom right of this page it says “the upcoming Rebuilding Confirmation (Ave Maria Press 2017).” I have had many copies for months ns we love it!! Thanks … now if we can do it!


    • Thanks Bill I’m doing well. I need to reach out to you and let you know what’s been going on.