An Intro To Me Myself And I Am

Today is a day with God…well more like a morning with God. This is something I’m trying to put more in my schedule, spending a full day in quiet with the Lord. I do pray, (before meals, in the morning, before bed, etc.) but I find myself easily distracted, by dedicating a day it gives me opportunity to work through the obstacles and find a rhythm. My idea is to do it once a month, just spend some time reading scripture, silent in adoration or meditating over a simple prayer. I just want to and need to include God more in my ministry and my life.
As we continue through this series of Impact it’s important to help the students find God in order to find their spiritual gifts, but like every series that we do here at Nativity this one leads into another. The next series we tackle is called Me, Myself and I Am, which focuses on how our emotional health is attached to our spiritual health. To stay healthy we need to allow God to work inside us, around us and through us. This is a constant thing to work on and I’m hoping that I continue to spend time with God outside the regular norm, the obstacle that prevents me from doing this is fear that the world will crumble if I’m not focused on it…but when you are with God there is nothing to fear.