Are The Teens In Your Ministry Just Another Number?

3 Ways To Make Them Something More Valuable

No one wants to be a number.  It’s impersonal and doesn’t give a person the value they deserve.  While there is pressure to grow your numbers, it’s important not to lose sight that the numbers have names.

The reason a teenager will come back each week is to feel valued and known.  That might seem overwhelming in a large setting, but it’s possible.  To keep the focus on the person and still grow the numbers you need to:


We’re great at collecting contact information when a teenager signs up for a trip or a program, but how often do we use it?  Are you just storing away all that information for liability reasons or will you use it to:

  • Build relationships with the parents?
  • Celebrate a birthday?
  • Write them a note or letter of encouragement?
  • Check-in with them mid-week with a text?

Look at the information you collect as a way of getting to know each student better.  Have a purpose that goes beyond a just in case of an emergency scenario.


A small group structure is scalable and it surrounds each student with a group of people who will know them by name.  They’ll have 1-2 adults and 6-8 other teens investing in them and growing with them.With small

With small groups, you are extending your capacity to reach more students because you’ve commissioned other adults to invest in them and their families.  It’s where your growing ministry can stay personal. (For more on small groups read HERE)


Teens need to be reminded that they were created for a purpose.  As their youth minister, you need to create opportunities for them to use their gifts and talents.

When they engage in those opportunities they’ll discover their value.  Their confidence will increase and they will want to come back.  To find those opportunities work with your coworkers and other key leaders in the church.

Numbers do matter because they’ll help you measure the growth of your ministry.  But, if all you do is care about the numbers you’ll miss a lot of names.  Help each teen feel known by giving them a purpose and a relationship that brings them back to Christ.

Question:  How are you going beyond numbers in your youth ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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