Are You Leading Out Of Insecurity?

How to identify and address it.

I was worried.  I was worried that I was losing control of my team and instead of addressing those feelings I took out my insecurities on them.  It was probably the first time I ever freaked them out.

No one wants to follow an insecure leader.  People want a leader they can rely on and someone who is going to lead them through uncertainty.  However, insecurity will attack you in your leadership.  To combat it you need to identify where it comes from like:


When you are unsure of what needs to be done then it can become very disconcerting.  A lack of clarity can cause you to pause, hesitate and even second guess yourself.

To bring more clarity into the situation lean into the situation and communicate with those around you.  Ask questions and don’t be afraid to tell people, “I don’t understand, please explain it another way.”  When you have clarity, you have unity which will bring momentum.


If you cannot trust the people you are with then you’ll always think they are against you.  This can be damaging because it will create silos in your ministry.

To build trust you need to address the gaps in communication causing it.  Spend time getting to know the person, mark the bright spots that point to signs they trust you and give them a reason to trust you.


Our insecurity sometimes stems from not having confidence in ourselves.  In other words it’s a lack of confidence in God’s plan for you.

Whenever you are doubting your own abilities look to God.  Spend time in scripture and remember that He knows you better than anyone or anything else (Psalm 139).  He will show you your strengths.


If you are afraid of letting people down you will find yourself overextending yourself.  While it’s okay to want to please everyone remember it’s an impossible task.

Learn how to say yes to the best things and prioritize your life.  Build confidence in your relationship with God and aim at pleasing Him first.

If you feel insecure know that you are not alone.  Do not try to tackle it on your own.  Instead:


Know one wants to admit that they are insecure; however, you cannot hide it.  Admitting to the problem is the first step to moving forward.  Admitting to the problem will only make your life easier in the end.


Start with someone you know and trust to give you insight.  If you have to seek professional help do it and deal with it.  If you do not reach out you could find it eating you alive and driving you crazy.


Insecurity is like anxiety where it can build and pile up.  Slow yourself down and give yourself time to process your thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes your insecurity is a result of being too busy.


When you try to process insecurity in your head you’ll only find confusion.  Keep a journal, track your thoughts and review them.  Share them with someone you trust and discover that most situations are simple to resolve immediately.

You are where God wants you to be.  Allowing insecurity to manage you is a recipe for disaster.  Lean into the situation and look for someone to walk alongside of you.  You are too valuable and to miss out on that is not worth it.

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