Back In The Home

I’m back home after being in the Adirondacks the last three days. First thing I want to say is 20 below is freaking cold. As a gift a few of my ministers took me snowshoeing, hiking and camping in the snow. It was an experience unlike any other, definitley up there with some of the most difficult things I have ever done, but needless to say it was incredible. It’s somewhat cliche but I took sometime to read 1Kings:19 and reflected on Elijah’s journey into the mountains I was definitely able go take advantage of just listening to God’s whispers. But I’m glad to be home glad to have my heat and comfortable bed and water without twigs in it. But I won’t forget this event and how it’s given me the chance fo reconnect with God. It’s easy for any of us especially youth pastors to get lost in the transition from the old year to the new year I would encourage all of us to go to “the mountains” and listen to God’s whispers.