How To Bail With Style

As we turned onto the main street I was waiting for my wife to say, “Let’s bail on this, it’s not worth it.”  The snow was falling faster and the windshield wipers were becoming more ineffective by the minute.  I was stuck in the tension of deciding whether to be adventurous or a good father and husband.  Like each swish of the wiper blades my mind and heart went back and forth.  In the end common sense (Yay!) prevailed and we turned back home.

Not every decision is common sense.  There are risks and difficult decisions to made.  This is especially true when it comes to choosing whether or not to bail on a program or an event.  To eliminate something in your ministry isn’t as simple as saying, “No more.”  In fact there is a lot to take into consideration when eliminating or bailing on a project.  If you do not bail at the right time or manner you could hurt others, damage the ministry’s reputation and even lead others away from Christ.  To bail with style make sure you:

  • Surround Yourself With Wisdom: While you might have the right decision it’s still wise to seek counsel.  They’ll not only be there to help you make the best decision but face the consequences that might come with it.  They can be your support system on how to approach and move through your big moves.
  • Assess Collateral Damage: Your decisions will affect others.  When you eliminate or stop doing anything it can get emotional.  If it’s an event people might have fond memories of past ones.  If it’s a project consider the hard work other’s poured into it.  Granted it might not be a reason to keep it around; however, it should impact how your decision is communicated.  Make sure you do not surprise people who trust you.  Above all else, be clear.
  • Own The Situation: Owning the situation means knowing the why, what and how behind your decision.  When you bail out the tendency might be to blame others and to make excuses.  If it’s you making the decision make sure people know that.  If you throw other people under the bus you’ll lose the trust of others.
  • Trust In God: Make sure your consulting God.  If you do not include God in your decisions it will be easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated.  If you are deciding to eliminate an event or bail on a project make sure you are scheduling in time just to listen to Him.  Trust that the people He sends you are there to guide you.  Lean into Him.

When you need to bail it’s not about letting people down, it’s about doing what is right.  Make sure you are honest and upfront.  At the beginning it might be hard; however, in the end it will only make you stronger.

How do you bail with style?