Baking Tonight

I just got done baking a cake…red velvet…I love red velvet though it’s pricey with some of the ingredients, and I never get the icing the way I want it…it’s probably because I don’t let the frosting cool in the fridge. The cake is for something Tuesday; however, tonight is one of those nights I have to get lost in the kitchen. That’s how I unwind from the weekend, by cooking/baking.
I really needed to bake tonight, it was an easy day physically but emotionally draining. The programs are going well but right now I’m dealing with a few student leaders who I felt really close to but now I’m not getting that. It’s a complicated story but to sum things up quickly I thought I gave them the open door to be honest with me and they aren’t walking through it.
As leaders we need to make sure of at least one thing, that we are approachable. If someone has something they need to vent to us, we need to be a listener, if we’ve done something to upset someone they need to be comfortable enough around us to let us know.
If people are too afraid to tell you what they think, then you’re probably being standoffish. Of course maybe you are very approachable and the person is just afraid to tell you because of their own issues. I don’t know, all I know is I need to reach out to these kids and figure out what’s going on.
I shouldn’t have had a piece of the cake (it was just extra batter), because eating before you go to sleep is a recipe for bad sleep.