Big Matter 14 Conference Giveaway

One of the things I enjoy the most about youth ministry is meeting with other youth workers.  In fact with all the traveling I’ve done recently it’s been awesome to sit with other church workers.  That’s why one of my favorite times of year is our church conference Matter 14.  

Matter 14

Every year hundreds of church workers from across the country (and a few from overseas) gather in Timonium, Maryland at Church of the Nativity for Matter 14.  Together we worship, learn and encourage one another to LOVE GOD. LOVE OTHERS. AND MAKE DISCIPLES.  If you couldn’t join us last year you need to this year because:

  • It’s where you can connect with other church workers
  • It’s a chance to take a step out of the trenches
  • It’s where you can be fed and encouraged.

If you have not checked out the Matter 14 website go to There you will find all the information you need to know on breakouts, travel, and registration.

My favorite part are the breakouts.  Each one is given by the staff and volunteers at Church of the Nativity.  That means everything we share has been tried and tested in the field.  It’s an opportunity for you to hear from people working in the trenches.

Also back for another year is our friend Patrick Lencioni, author of many great books like The Advantage and Founder of the Table Group.  Along with Patrick, our pastor Father Michael White and our Associate to the Pastor Tom Corcoran will inspire and share wisdom during our incredible keynotes.

The vision of this conference is to inspire, equip and encourage those of you who are in the trenches of church ministry.  We know that this is something that you cannot do on your own.  Our staff and our volunteers are so excited to meet with you and walk with you.

Now, if you are wondering about the cost, it’s quite affordable.  For two days (Last year was only one) it’s $199/person ($109/person for groups), but I’m giving you the opportunity to go for FREE.  If you want your registertration fee to be$0 for Matter 14 (And get some really cool swag too!) then this is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Leave a comment below why you got involved in church ministry.
  • Step 2: Subscribe to this blog (To subscribe go here)

That’s it, that’s all you have to do, but you need to do it by Friday August 15th at midnight EST.  After that we’ll have a drawing and award two free passes to the winner.  Again, all you have to do is leave below in the comments why you got involved in church ministry and subscribe.

If you are already a subscriber then it’s as simple as just leaving a comment.

Last year was a blast, this year is going to be so much better.  I hope you can join us for Matter 14, so that together we can LOVE GOD. LOVE OTHERS. AND MAKE DISCIPLES.


What did you get involved in church ministry?

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  • SeanODriscoll

    I felt God calling me to reach out to the young people and help them grow in their relationship with Christ and his Church.

    • Sean, Thank you for answering that call to engage in the next generation.

  • Jeanette Morales

    I love my church – with all is little divided clicks, failings, dwindling members. I decided 30 yrs. ago to not just be someone in the pew but to make my church – my “Church Family”. So I volunteered to help with the Religious Ed program, joined the choir, sat on Parish Council for a few years, and have recently decided to stop being a follower and help LEAD. So I’ve been reading books and joining blogs, and HOPE to attend a few retreats!! Preferably free ones – hint…hint..

    • Jeanette,

      Got your hint, love the learning attitude. Thank you for stepping up and leading, serving and growing disciples.

  • Paula Davis

    OMG! I want to be there! I’m constantly telling everyone about the Matter Conference. But, no one in my office is getting the hint! 😉 If I only have to come up with my travel expenses, I could make this happen! In the last six months, I have read both books, listened to each and very podcast, printed more blogs posts than I can count and attended our Diocese’s Rebuilt Workshop (Joliet, Illinois). I want to make CHURCH MATTER for our parishioners, especially the future leaders of our church, our teens. Last year, my first year officially serving as Youth Minister (I was a volunteer Small Group Leader for several years), was all about numbers but lacked intention. The numbers went up – significantly – but the teens weren’t coming for the “right” reasons. This year, my top priority is help the teens realize the Eucharist is an expression of God’s self-giving love and to see the Mass an opportunity to be present and Celebrate the Body of Christ and then share it with the entire Body of Christ – our parish. Plus, our parish is going through some big changes, two new priests have been assigned to our parish; so, if I were to receive the two tickets, I’d definitely bring one of them, maybe hint, hint, hint, we’d receive the gift of a third ticket – then all three of us could attend – i know, I am getting greedy but our new Pastor and Pastoral Vicar are recently ordained priests and would be soooo open to all that the Matter Conference has to offer. FYI – Our new Pastor’s Installation ceremony is only a few weeks away – tickets to conference would be perfect gift! 😉 . All kidding aside, I hope we get selected – I would love for them both to experience, first hand the Nativity phenomenon! As a YM, Mom of 5 (ranging in age from 19-10) and marketing communications/pubic relations director (in my life before ministry), I am in awe of all that Nativity has accomplished in the last ten years. I want my parish to have the opportunity to take a similar journey, reconnect with our parishioners and make disciples throughout our local community.

    • Paula,

      Love the enthusiasm, especially from youth minister. Congrats on your first year in youth ministry and thank you for serving as a small group leader for several years before that.

      I know the struggle of health versus growth and just keep plugging away and sharing the Gospel. Youth ministry is truly a journey.

      • Paula Davis

        Thanks, Chris. I’ve been following you for while and love the podcasts. You and Tom are such in inspiration to us all (especially those with a love for Youth Ministry). Your suggestions and manner in which you both present your ideas makes it incredibly easy to implement. I think this is why I love the series, books, podcasts, videos, you name it, so much – it is all so doable and it really works. God Bless!

        • Paula,
          Thanks for the feedback and listening to the podcasts. Tom and I have been doing this for a while and just love sharing with other churches what we know. Hope we can continue to equip you and others.

  • Mike

    If not me , who?

  • Tom Gibbons

    Very much looking forward to the Matter Conference this year. We met about a year ago when I was visiting from Canada and we have been doing a lot of exciting things up here at St. Peter’s Parish in Toronto, much of which was inspired by Rebuilt. We have started a Children’s Mass and are looking to grow our family programs even stronger, while our Pastoral Council has begun to study the book so it can be more effectively implemented.

    We’ll bring Maple Syrup if we’re selected – doesn’t that sound GREAT! Peace!

    • Tom,

      Thanks for sharing we’ll be doing the drawing shortly, but bring the syrup anyway!

  • SeanODriscoll

    Did you guys ever choose a winner?

    • Sean,

      Sorry, we did. Paul Davis won it. I apologize I thought it had gone out in an email to subscribers, but apparently it didn’t. We had some email issues last month.

      Hope you can still make it to Matter 14