Cashing In On A New Series

This is the last week of our series MapMyFaith…can’t believe 6 weeks is almost up. The next series we’ll be tackling is a Stewardship series, “Generation Change” where we’ll be using Dave Ramsey’s curriculum to create a money management workshop for teenagers. It’s the first time we are doing something like this so there are feelings of nervousness and excitement. I’m nervous because I don’t know how the reaction from parents and students will be. I don’t want them to consider it a “class”, but more of an opportunity to set a solid foundation so that when they graduate high school, when they pick up a real job they know what to do with their money. I also want to get parents behind this series because when it comes to money they are their kids largest influence. How parents spend, save and give determines how their kids are going to spend, save and give.
The excitement I have is due to the amazing opportunity this provides for students. The idea of them saving, giving and spending in a God honoring way is huge. How it can impact their lives, this community, this church can be amazing.
One difficulty I face with this series is not making it about how the church needs more money but more about how the students need to give God control of their finances. I’ve been blessed by what God has given me and I know the more that I give Him the more He’ll give back. It stinks to think the only thing holding me back from giving God more is my own fears, doubts and insecurities. I want students to have a better start to their finances than I had, and I think this series can do that.