I was jealous.  In my third year of ministry we booked a guest speaker on purity.  Everyone was engaged and into it.  I couldn’t believe it.  I would constantly struggle to get their attention.  I wondered, “What was the difference?” He spoke with authority.

It can be difficult to engage teenagers.  To compete with what is going on their lives is a challenge.  They are constantly told one thing over another and need help sorting it out.  Content is important, but it’s not the only thing.  If you do not know how to deliver your message with authority no one will listen.  

To speak with authority means to have control and command over your audience.  In other words people are fully engaged.  When they are engaged they will listen.  To speak with authority you need to: Continue Reading…

The first year we separated our Confirmation program from the regular high school ministry program numbers plummeted.  Teenagers no longer had to come, so they didn’t.  Now we had to figure out how to advertise that they GET TO COME.  

You’ve tried large events like lock-ins and ski trips.  You put a lot of effort, hoping that it creates a buzz and it might.  But, if you want healthy growth you need to know how to advertise the the importance and value your youth ministry will have in their life.  That means building a communication strategy.  To get the word out that your youth ministry is more than pizza you need to: Continue Reading…

The days are longer and Spring is trying to bust through.  This can only mean one thing…lacrosse season is here.  While there is competition to our youth ministry year round, things really don’t heat up until lacrosse season.  That means tournaments on the weekends, practices and games after school.  Our participation dwindles and it can be frustrating.

Every youth ministry is going to have competition.  It could be professional football on Sundays, after school activities or just plain busyness.  No matter what your ministry faces it can build frustration, and jealousy.  To be relevant and take on what the competition is throwing out, it’s important that you: Continue Reading…

No one, especially my pastor, likes to be caught off guard.  Surprises allow emotions to take over and it causes the situation to grow complex.  When my pastor had to learn from a separate source that I lost money on a fundraiser, he definitely showed and expressed his disappointment.

It was a difficult moment.  One where I wanted to cry, yell and hide.  Instead I just stood there as he chewed me out.  That night I didn’t know how I was going to move on from that moment.  Fortunately, the next day was a new day and it was new beginning.  He and I were able to resolve the situation and move forward.

It’s not easy when your boss chews you out.  Not sure if you are defensive, but fighting back isn’t the way to go.  Maybe you just take it like a sponge, but holding on too long will break you apart.  When you get chewed or called out by your leader the best thing to do is: Continue Reading…

Are You Being Clear?

October 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

I used to grow frustrated every time we held an event or meeting and no one would show up.  I thought the announcement was clear.  We had date, time, and location.  What else could someone need?  I began to grow frustrated and made assumptions like:

  • Parents do not care.
  • Teens are selfish with their time.
  • Volunteers are not as sold out.

Those assumptions were unfair.  The reality was that my message was not clear. 

As a leader you need to be sure that what you communicate is being received and absorbed.  While you might feel as if you are doing that, you never can be too sure.  That is why you need to be clear on what you are communicating.  Never assume you are being clear because you could be making a mess of the situation.  That’s because you are: Continue Reading…