What Should Impact Your Content

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of buying the next big curriculum package.  Promises of better content with incredible quality tell us, “Students will love this!”  While that’s true for some it’s not for all.

Packaging is only one factor when it comes to your content.  You need to know what impacts your content because it will impact the outcome.  Before you decide what content to purchase make sure you know:

What Do You Want People To Know?

Unfortunately people are not mind readers.  If they were volunteers would do want you want them to do.  Students and parents would get why you want them there.

We all have a message we want to get across to people.  Unfortunately we aren’t always sure how to deliver it.  To get your message across you need to:

4 Steps To Take Before Purchasing A Resource

If given the option, time, money and support most people would create their own content.  The reality is that many of those things are in short supply. Therefore, the next best option is outsourcing.  The question is, What resources to use?”

Outsourcing while it can save you time does cost money.  And not every resource is right for every youth minister.  While recommendations and endorsements are helpful the best way to know which resource is right for your youth ministry is by:

How To Survive On A Youth Minister’s Salary

When I became a youth minister I took the biggest salary increase ever.  Of course before I was a youth minister I was a volunteer making $500/month.  Youth ministry won’t be the highest paying job out there, but it doesn’t have to be the lowest either.

Professional youth ministry involves sacrifice.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to be pinching pennies to survive.  There are options like working a second job, or if you are married having your spouse work. But, in the end the healthiest thing to do is:

Pre-order Today: Rebuilding Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is not at the top of the priority list for many churches.  While this is sad it’s not surprising. Too often youth ministry is portrayed as adolescence babysitting filled with pizza and ping pong.  But, youth ministry is more.

Courtesy of Ave Maria Press

Courtesy of Ave Maria Press

An effective youth ministry can bring any parish to an entirely new level. By focusing in on the next generation you not only create a place for teens to grow in their relationship with Christ, but you give the parish new life.  It’s the next generation that inspires and motivates the local church to grow. (more…)