How To Engage Your Audience

4 Highly Important Areas To Check Before You Speak

Have you ever wondered, “Are people listening?”  It’s a question we ask at parent meetings, giving a message to teenagers or a training with volunteers.  It’s an important question to answer because if they aren’t engaged with what you are saying then you are just wasting time.

Engaging your audience isn’t just based on charisma and talent.  You need to work at it and it takes a plan.  To fully grab their focus you need to:

Communication is paramount in youth ministry, especially when it comes to message delivery.  In this edition of MYM 5 Minute Thought Chris talks about the keys to delivering a powerful message that will move teens (and adults) into action.

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Training Volunteers On The Go

4 New and Not So New Ways To Keep Your Leaders Growing

I keep telling myself that I have to make time to meet with my volunteers.  The problem is that life is so busy for me and them.  In the end it can be overwhelming and easy to feel stuck.

Building a dynamic team for your ministry would be easy if life happened in a vacuum.  Unfortunately, it seems like no one has time to connect, meet and grow together.  So how do train your volunteers while you are constantly on the go?

How To Keep In Touch With Former Students

Taking Advantage of When Students Return Home

I love these first couple of weeks of the new year because you run into college students coming back from break.  Some of them are excited to see you and others are hoping you don’t ask the question, “Have you been going to church?”

As youth ministers we care if our teens continue to grow as disciples after they leave our ministry.  The tendency is to ask about their spiritual life, but maybe we should take a different approach.  Before getting into their spiritual life:

Why No One Is Showing Up To Your Event

And 5 Steps You Can Take To Fix It

Nothing is more frustrating then spending copious amounts of time planning an event only having no one attend.  It’s a moments where we ask, “Is this really worth the effort?” But, that might be the wrong question.

Before you ask, “Is this worth it?” you should ask, “How clear is my communication and marketing?”  It’s an odd question to ask in youth ministry, but with so much noise competing for the time and attention of teens and parents you need to have a strategy.  To get people to show you need to: