Why Youth Ministry Is Sales

There are a lot of great ways to advertise for your ministry (Check out my friends at Parishdesigner.com) but that’s only half the battle.  While marketing is important you need to know how to sell what you do.

I know sales and youth ministry seems wrong, but in reality there is a lot of noise competing for the time and attention of the next generation.  Not only are you trying to sell your teens on coming to church but adults to invest in the next generation.  They way to sell youth ministry and not your soul is by:

4 Secrets To Delivering A Dynamic Message

There is nothing more frustrating than delivering a message to a group of disengaged teenagers.  We wonder, “What’s the secret to getting teenagers to listen?”

There really isn’t a secret.  In fact it takes time and energy to deliver a well crafted message.  And while some people are more gifted than others the way you can improve on your message delivery is by:

4 Principles To Help You Move People To Action

Remember when communicating was simple?  If you wanted teens to come to an event you sent home a flyer.  If you wanted people to join your volunteer team you shot them an email.  Sadly, those days are long gone.

To get people to move and accept an invitation takes more than an email.  It takes a strategy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you want to recruit more volunteers, invite more teens and get people on board with your vision you need to:

Rebuilding Your Message

What You Say and How You Say It Matters

It doesn’t matter if you are staff, volunteer or parishioner at your local church.  It doesn’t matter if you are full time or part time, we all have a responsibility to communicate effectively.  The question you need to answer is, “Am I being effective?”

Courtesy of Ave Maria Press

The message matters and how you communicate it is just as important.  In their new book REBUILDING YOUR MESSAGE (Ave Maria 2015) coauthors Pastor Michael White and Tom Corcoran challenge us to look at the:

5 Tips To Make Your Messages Engaging

Teenagers aren’t going to learn if you just hand them a book and say, “Read”.  They need someone to speak into their lives and give them a message that will inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge them.

Your youth ministry is a place where that message needs to be delivered.  But, it’s more than just getting up on a stage and talking.  Your message needs to be relevant and engaging.  To do that you need to: