4 Things Every Student Leader Needs To Know

Today we are at the Student Leadership Conference with Doug Fields.  It’s something we’ve done with our students a few times and it’s a great way of growing disciples and leaders in the local church.

As a youth minister you need to not only pour into teens but equip them for the long term.  That means investing in them through a variety of resources and opportunities.  It’s also helping them understand:

4 Steps To Set Up Your Ministers For Success

It started out as frustration and quickly turned into resentment.  My expectations as a leader were not being met.  People weren’t performing the tasks or doing them subpar.  After sharing this disappointment with a youth minister friend he was quick to point out that I was a part of the problem.

I had expectations, but I wasn’t doing anything to set my team up for success.  Instead I assumed that they would just pick up their roles and responsibilities naturally.  I learned to set them up for success you need to:

How To Challenge Yourself As A Leader

It’s easy to get comfortable and that’s a good thing, right?  It feels good for a while but it doesn’t last forever.  The problem with hitting cruise control in youth ministry is you start to lose influence, which means losing purpose.

As a leader you need to look at ways of challenging yourself.  That means growing as a leader, learning and making sure your ministry continues to grow.  To keep things slightly uncomfortable; yet, highly effective you need to:

Building a Core Leadership Team

If you want your ministry to grow you need to learn how to expand your capacity.  The key factor to building your influence and increasing your impact is by investing in a core leadership team.

We all like the idea of a core leadership team, but where to find these people seems near impossible.  While it won’t necessarily happen overnight, it is doable.  You just need to have faith, patience and:

5 Steps To Learning Why Your Youth Ministry Exists

I have a five year old, which means he loves asking the question, “Why?”  While it can get a little annoying it’s a question we need to be asking ourselves more.  Unfortunately, it’s often asked too late when it comes to what we do professionally.

The vision you have for your youth ministry is the answer to the, “Why?” question.  Vision gives you direction and identify your purpose.  It will help your ministry grow deeper and become more effective.  To develop an effective vision you need to: