Maybe You’ve Been Doing Ministry All Wrong

Have you ever wondered, “Do I really know what I’m doing?” It’s a thought we all have but are afraid to answer. Even if the answer is NO that’s okay because sometimes we have to re-think youth ministry.

Last week I attended the DYM 100, a mini conference hosted by Download Youth Ministry. Reggie Joiner, founder of Orange opened up the conference sharing 7 ways he was re-thinking youth ministry:

Is Ministry Wearing You Out?

6 Behaviors That Will Save Your Energy And Expand Your Capacity

Every Monday I used to wake up feeling hungover, but the cause wasn’t drinking…it was youth ministry. As a 20 something I could bounce back but as I got older I realized things had to change.

Ministry will wear you out because it’s messy. You are dealing with real people facing real life and it can drain you if you don’t instill the right habits. If you want to stop feeling tired and last in ministry you need to:

Why Your Ministry Needs To Play More Basketball

4 Practices That Will Strengthen Your Core Team

In his book The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business Patrick Lencioni uses an analogy that holds true in ministry.

If you want a healthy leadership team they need to function less like a golf team and more like a basketball one. Each individual on a golf team goes out and works on their own, while each member of a basketball team is

Stop Limiting Your Capacity To Do More

Why You Need To Build Your Network

Labor Day is when we remember the hard work that’s gone into building this country. But, it’s also an important reminder to a priceless principle in ministry.


Labor Day is a reminder that we can’t do what we do on our own. If I were to be honest my hardest moments in ministry came when I tried to

Do You Want Youth Ministry To Have A Bigger Influence On The Church? Here’s Your Plan

3 Steps To Increase The Need For Youth Ministry In Your Church

Who’s had a huge influence on your life? Was it a parent or a teacher?Is it your child or maybe a teen in your ministry? If age doesn’t matter when it comes to influence then why do churches tend to separate them with certain programming?

Too often youth ministry can be seen as a burden to a church, when really it’s an opportunity to impact every generation. Recently I was listening to an interview with leadership guru, Ken Blanchard (You can listen to that interview HERE) where he discussed the power of cross generational mentoring. Instead of a young person only learning from someone older, it’s an opportunity