How To Know You’ve Made It As A Youth Minister

4 Signs That Will Tell You That You Are Moving In The Right Direction

Early on in my ministry when the attendance numbers would drop I wondered, “When am I going to make it?”  I was working out of frustration because my expectations of success weren’t being met.

Success has so many more signs than attendance numbers.  It’s more than awards and public praise.  And success doesn’t signify that you’ve made it to a point where you can sit back and relax.  Success in youth ministry means:

Does Everyone On Your Team Have Your Back?

5 Steps Every Leader Should Take To Address Disloyalty


You can’t do ministry on your own, you need a team.  But, what happens when you feel like someone on your team doesn’t have your back?

The only thing worst than doing ministry on your own is running it with a team that you feel like is disloyal and undermining.  If you ignore it, it will only grow and eventually take you out of the game.  To address it you need to:

How To Get Teens Excited About Serving

4 Fresh Approaches To Building A Servant Leader Culture

I love helping out a teenager; however, my eyes roll every time I have to sign off on a service hour requirement for school.  While I love the fact that teens are getting involved I don’t like that it’s become a requirement.

Teenagers need to serve because it helps them grow as disciples, but making them do it as a requirement is not the answer.  If you want to grow disciples who serve locally, nationally and internationally because they Love God and Love Others then you need to make sure you:

What Churches Need To Look For When Hiring A Youth Minister

5 Qualities Every Parish Can't Afford To Overlook

From time to time churches will reach out to me and ask me to review a job description for a youth ministry position.  The first thing that strikes me is the fact that I wouldn’t qualify for most of these jobs.

I’m not saying I’m the perfect candidate, in fact I don’t think there is a cookie cutter youth minister quality.  However, there are skills, characteristics and values that every parish should look for in a youth minister.

What I’ve Learned In The Last Year

How Writing A Book Has Changed The Way I Do Ministry

A year ago my life changed.  A life long goal of writing a book had been accomplished when Rebuilding Youth Ministry was released.  While I’ve been pleased with how it’s been received I never knew it would change the way I do ministry.

When you put your work out there for the public to see it immediately gets evaluated, and picked a part.  People you’ve never met will judge the way you do ministry and if you aren’t careful it can eat you alive.