Going Beyond The Youth Room

Steps to Growing Student Leaders

Youth ministry programming is only half the job of a youth minister.  To truly grow disciples of Jesus Christ you need to know how to make the next generation feel a part of the local church.

That means looking for opportunities where they can lead.  While peer leadership is important, it will only get a teenager so far.  If you want to truly grow disciples and future leaders you need to:

Excellence Versus Perfection

I was frustrated.  It didn’t matter how much time I spent preparing for the weekend there was always something going wrong.  I would wonder, “When are people going to get it?”

The problem was that I was searching for perfection.  All I found was frustration.  I would wonder, “If perfection is impossible then I shouldn’t worry so much about quality, right?”:

The Power of Mentoring

Yesterday, I announced an awesome competition through Ave Maria Press.  It’s a chance to go deeper into my new book Rebuilding Youth Ministry.  Three winners will be chosen and each one will have the opportunity to sit down with me one on one via Skype for 3 one hour coaching sessions. (To learn more click HERE)

One of the reasons I love this promotion is because it allows me to do something I love, pouring into other youth workers.  I’m excited to pay forward what I’ve received from so many experienced youth ministers.

Whether or not you participate in the promotion coaching is something every youth minster needs because it:

5 Actions To Get More Out Of Your Team

I’m asked, “How do I get more out of my leaders?” We know the more we get out of our leaders the better our ministry will be.

It’s a loaded question.  It’s a question that deals with getting volunteers to show up to trainings.  It’s making sure everyone is showing up equipped and ready to go.  The truth is to get more you need to:

Is Your Vision Big Enough?

Whether it’s from the parents, the teens or the general congregation you are dealing with an array of expectations.  Everyone will have an opinion on how your youth ministry should behave, but in the end it’s you who is leading.

The question that you need to answer is whether or not your vision is big enough?  If you don’t know the answer then you probably haven’t thought about it enough.  Vision matters because it: