Consistency has so much power. It’s what builds momentum, clarity and commitment. When you have consistency people will begin to trust what you are saying and that’s key for your ministry. In this MYM 5 Minute Thought Chris looks at the power of consistency and how to implement it.

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What It Really Means To Be A Student Leader

5 qualities of a leader and how to cultivate them in your teens

There are a lot of hard working teenagers in our ministry.  Ones who will do what you ask and not complain.  Are they all leaders? No, well not really.

Identifying a student leader in your ministry isn’t as simple as looking at the teens who show up consistently and work hard.  While those are important characteristics you also need to look at:

How To Face Conflict And Win Every Time

Not many people like conflict; however, it’s inevitable.  It might be the angry parent barraging you for not communicating or the pastor chewing you out for losing $3200 on a fundraiser.

Conflict is a part of life because life is filled with changes, mistakes and growth opportunities.  You can try to hide from conflict, but not for long.  It will find you and beat you unless you:

Are You A Pure Youth Minister?

How to take advantage of the many hats youth ministers have to wear

It’s right there on your job description, even if you don’t see it.  It’s a line that says, “All other duties assigned by the pastor.”  It can be frustrating when all you want to do is youth ministry, but then again it could be a great opportunity.

Most churches are understaffed.  And because there is a shortage of staff there is a need to take on different roles and responsibilities.  Even though your title is “Youth Minister” you might find yourself:

On Monday’s post I asked the question, “What’s your one word for 2016?”  In this video I asked Jackie Guidera (Director of Small Groups at Church of the Nativity) to help me explain the impact one word can not only have on your year, but your entire life.

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