When You Should Expect Results

No one has to wait anymore.  With the advances in technology everything from food to information can be given to us instantaneously.  Well, almost everything.

I’ve been blessed to travel around the country the last year with my pastor to help promote his book Rebuilt.  And, one of the questions we’re consistently asked is:

Are You Afraid To Let Down People?

We’ve all experienced a broken promise.  They hurt.  An expectation is made and when it’s not met you feel let down.

In youth ministry there is a pressure to include everyone.  We feel like everyone needs to get involved.  The problem is it’s not possible.  People will be let down and disappointed because:

4 Steps To Help Volunteers Grow Into Leaders

We spend a lot of time recruiting volunteers, convincing people to get involved.  Then you finally get them and it becomes about helping them stay.  Why should they stay?  

While vision and purpose are key, how you help them grow is paramount.  As a leader your responsibility is to help your volunteers grow spiritually and professionally.  If all they do is serve they’ll eventually:

How To Roll Out A New Program

To roll out a new program is an exciting and exhausting experience.  There are people to prepare, logistics to communicate and resources to gather.  But, there is more.

Many youth ministers are caught off guard by some of the intangibles to starting a new program.  And that’s because they are not always easy to plan for.  When you roll out something new you need to know how to:

4 Characteristics Of A High-Capacity Leader

Your ministry needs more than just warm bodies to make it run at a high level.  Your ministry needs volunteers who are leaders.  It needs high-capacity leaders willing to take your ministry to a new level.

Where to find these leaders can be a challenge.  While some might pop out of the wood work others need to be cultivated. To create a culture of high-capacity leaders you need to know what one looks like.  They are people who: