Why You Aren’t The Only One Who Feels Lonely

4 Lessons I've Learned Through My Own Battles Of Isolation

Loneliness is one of the biggest challenges I see my clients battle. It’s a feeling of isolation that they describe as, “It just seems like no one cares.” I can relate to their feelings because it’s something I’ve face before.

Loneliness Lonely Child Beach Walk Alone Sea

I’ve worked in large staffs, with dozens of volunteers yet still endured seasons of loneliness in ministry. It’s an emotional and physically draining experience. One that I feel compelled to share because:

How To Deal With Difficult Volunteers

5 Steps To Help You Navigate Through The Situation

We’ve all hit those moments of desperation where we’ll take anyone willing to give their time to serve in the ministry. Sadly this approach rarely works. In the end, instead of having a highly functioning team, we have problems that could have been avoided.

The long-term solution is to create a recruiting structure that prevents difficult volunteers from entering into your ministry. But, the reality is that most of us aren’t there yet and we need to deal with the troublemakers now.

Why Your Ministry Needs Interns

4 Benefits An Internship Brings To Your Church

We could always use more help. Volunteers are great but they have full-time lives. Then there is hiring more employees, but the budget doesn’t always allow for it. If you are in that in between another area to consider are INTERNSHIPS.

Investing in an internship at your church or ministry is worth checking out. It’s not only a way of expanding your capacity in the short term but an opportunity to set you up for success in the future because an internship is a:

What’s Holding Your Ministry Back?

4 Obstacles That Leaders Should Avoid Bringing To Their Ministry

It’s tough being the leader. You need big vision and the ability to take people in the direction God’s calling you to travel. It’s not always simple, and that can be due to our own mistakes.

There will be difficult seasons in your ministry, but a good leader will prevail. They’ll know which moves to make, who to rely on and how to approach the situation. Leadership is hard but it really only becomes complicated when we:

Are Your Teens Equipped To Lead Their Peers?

A Guest Post from Lyle Griner of Peer Ministry Leadership

I asked a group of youth. “How are you being leaders with your friends?”

Silence. I kept pushing the question. Finally, one girl said, “I don’t think this counts, but I went out with a friend last Friday night. I had not seen her for a while. Her parents are getting a divorce. I thought it would be good to just hang out with her.”