Values I’ve Learned From Prison

What Prison Ministry Has Taught Me About Youth Ministry

I’m a part of unCuffed Ministries, an organization that serves youth charged as adults in the criminal justice system.  Each week I go into the Baltimore County Detention Center to meet with these young men, which is such a contrast from my regular job as a suburban youth minister.

It’s amazing what I’ve learned serving in this area of ministry.  Serving in prison has not only impacted me personally, but helped me improve the way I serve the teens in my parish.  What I’ve learned since joining unCuffed is that:

What People Get Wrong About Leadership

And How to Take Your Ministry to the Next Level

Early on I thought leadership was simply being in charge of a group of individuals.  Tell people what to do and they’ll do it because you are in charge.

Leaders do not run programs or people, they create movements.  They take the organization and their team to a new level.  If you want to be a leader that creates a movement then you need to focus on:

How To Grow Volunteers Into Leaders

There was a point in my ministry when I had plenty of volunteers; however, the ministry wasn’t growing.  The problem was a lack of leadership.  People would do what I asked, but never take it to the next level.

While it might be easy to blame your ministers for never taking the reigns, the truth is you might be holding them back.  To take your volunteers to the next level of leadership you need to make sure you:

What To Do When You Feel Alone In Ministry

5 Steps We Can Take To Battle Isolation

Youth ministry can feel like an island.  Even after 10 years of youth ministry their are moments where I feel alone, and abandoned by the rest of the church.  It stinks, and can be debilitating.

Maybe you’ve felt this way, and if you have I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.  You are not alone in youth ministry and the way you can combat that feeling is by:



Matter Ball

If you can’t make it to Matter 15 this year you can still be a part of the event.  We will be streaming out main sessions on Thursday November 5th and Friday November 6th for the affordable price of $30.  To sign up for streaming just click below:


For more ways to follow us during the conference I will be using Twitter, Instagram and Periscope (@chrisrwesley).  Hope you can join us.