How To Prevent Teens From Leaving Church After They Leave Home

It’s heartbreaking when you learn a former teen is no longer going to church. You feel like a failure and wonder, “Could I have done something more?”

It’s easy to beat yourself up, but you have to remember that we all have free will.  While you cannot control all of their decision you can have an influence.  To cut down on the turnover and encourage teens to stay connected to the church years after they are gone you need to make sure you are:

Why Youth Ministry Needs To Exists

It’s a moment many of us face if you’ve been in youth ministry more than a month. It’s that moment when you are getting into your car or your bed and you wonder, “Why am I doing this?”

A big problem with youth ministry is that many people do not know why it exists.  It’s seen as unnecessary or irrelevant.  Many youth ministries are being eliminated or consolidated into a family ministry.  Youth ministry is necessary because it provides:

Working Within Your Budget

Even if it doesn't exist

Fiscal year has just begun and you’ve recently learned that your budget is not where it needs to be.  The tendency is to lose hope, and gain anxiety.  To fight that tendency you need a plan.

The plan doesn’t have to be more fundraising.  In fact to maximize your budget and have a financially healthy youth ministry you need to:

How To Create Healthier Small Groups Discussions

I used to obsess about small group curriculum.  I was on the search for the content that would change lives and grow the church.  The problem is that I was only looking for a piece of the solution.  When it comes to small groups it’s not just what you teach, it’s also how you teach it.

If you want your small group leaders to be successful you need to look at them as leaders who build relationships.  When you turn the focus from content to relationships you:

Why Cohesiveness Is Key

And 3 Steps To Build It

In high school I was on a baseball team that couldn’t win even if we paid the other team to forfeit.  We had talent, and skill, we just lacked cohesiveness.  We weren’t exactly the epitome of team.

If you work in a parish you are a part of a team.  Even if you are the only youth minister.  There are men and women that you need to rely because cohesiveness is key.  It’s so important for any staff to have because: