4 Simple Steps To Help You Embrace What Limits Your Ministry

We’re always desiring more.  We want more volunteers.  We want more money for our budget.  We want more teens to show up to program.  While there is nothing wrong with wanting more it’s important to embrace your limits.

It can be frustrating not to have what you want.  It would be great to have it all, but there isn’t a ministry that does HAVE IT ALL.  To succeed and thrive with what you have it’s important to:

The Perfect Agenda For Your Planning Meetings

6 Components That Your Agenda Must Have

As summer is quickly approaching the temptation is to wind down and relax.  The reality is you can’t afford to shut things down completely.  In fact now is the perfect time to plan and prepare for the next year.

How do you prepare for the next year?  It’s about bringing your key people together and making sure you have a comprehensive plan.  To develop a solid plan you need to make sure your meeting involves:

3 People Your Ministry Needs To Go To The Next Level

You are limited, even as a leader.  That means you can only take your ministry so far on your own.  No one likes to feel limited; however, it can be freeing to know that you can’t do this on your own.

Once you embrace the fact that you need a team it’s about finding the right people.  With the right people you will be able to reach more students and have a larger impact on the community around you.  That’s why you need a:

MYM 5 Minute Thought: How To Help Students Transition

Every year students transition into a new season of life from elementary school into middle school, middle into high school and high school into college.  Youth ministries need to be there to walk teens through these different seasons.

Check out today’s MYM 5 Minute Thought as Chris talks about what churches can do to help students continue to the next season of life and still hold onto their faith.

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How To Reach More Teens Without Adding Another Thing To Your Plate

3 Keys To Expanding Your Capacity As A Leader

You want to reach more teens.  In fact you need to reach more teens.  You feel that burden and it’s painful because you believe in order to reach more you need to do more.

Courtesy of Gabriel Rojas Hruska/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of Gabriel Rojas Hruska/Creative Commons License

But, the truth is to do more you need to figure out how to do less yourself.  That means discipline and understanding that: