How To Start Measuring Your Ministry

I used to hate tracking attendance.  I was afraid the numbers would expose me as a failure.  What I didn’t know is that while attendance is a sign of success it isn’t the only thing I should measure.

You might ask:

Why is it important to measure our youth ministry?

It helps us grow and design our ministry.  When you measure you:

New Resource: This Week In YM Podcast

Even after 10 years of youth ministry I have to admit that I don’t know it all.  In fact I feel like there is more that I don’t know than do know.  That’s why connecting with experienced youth workers is important.


Terrace Crawford is one of those youth workers that’s helped me grow in my ministry.  His website is such a great resource for equipping and empowering youth workers to go the extra mile.

Recently he’s started a new project, one that I’m very excited about.  A few weeks ago he launched:

7 Characteristics Of A Dynamic Small Group

I struggled with our small group program at first.  I thought they were too messy to deal with.  The problem is that I was looking for a silver bullet.  I also didn’t know what a dynamic small group should look like.

Dynamic groups are ones that will not only change the lives of students but the life of your ministry.  It gives a large youth ministry the opportunity to be intimate.  It gives a small one the opportunity to go deeper.  To create dynamic groups for your ministry you need to make sure they:

How To Talk To Teens About Sex

Our church just wrapped up a message series on sex we called A Way Forward (To learn more go HERE).  It’s not the first time we talked about the subject, but it is the first time we did a church wide message series.

There were a lot of positive results and the series was well received.  We created conversations between adults, teenagers and kids.  We were able to help people see that living a pure life is huge to having intimacy.  A couple of lessons that learned from the experience is that we need to:

How To Balance Fun And Discipleship

We’re led to believe that youth ministry that’s too much fun is simply entertainment.  And a youth ministry that is all about theology is boring and even irrelevant.

You want to teach truth, but you don’t know if teens will lose interest.  You want to have fun but you don’t know if it’ll water down the faith.  The problem is that: