How To Find Time To Be Healthy

I’ve spoken to a few youth ministers and they tell me that the #1 biggest obstacle they face when it comes to healthy living is time.

Courtesy of Fabiola Medeiros/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of Fabiola Medeiros/Creative Commons License

Every one of us has 24 hours in the day – so it’s up to us to decide how we use that time.  If you want to be healthy, you need to start by carving out time in your day to be healthy, so here are a few tips to help:

How Involved Should Your Pastor Be?

There is the pastor that never shows up or even asks about your ministry.  Then there is the one who is more involved than he should be.  Both can drive a youth minister nuts.

The question isn’t which one would you prefer, but how can you plug in your pastor without having him take over?  While some might prefer one over the other you need to have your pastor involved to a certain degree because your ministry is an extension of his own.

To plug him in and maintain boundaries it’s important to:

How To Get More From Your Volunteers?

Setting up tables, serving pizza and helping out with a trip is all good.  Volunteers are needed to create a safe environment, but as a youth minister you want healthy, you want vibrant and you want more.

Your team could give you more.  Your volunteer ministers are the people to bring your ministry to a new level.  To build that team takes faith that God will bring them along for the journey, but to get them to do more you need to:

What Does It Mean To Be A Healthy Youth Minister?

When it comes to ministry, we talk a lot about spiritual health: pursuing holiness and avoiding immorality. But an area of health that I see is rarely addressed is our physical health.

God wants us to be healthy. We all know that God created us in his image and likeness, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and God desires for us to have life, and have it abundantly! The problem is:

What Is Family Ministry?

A question I get often is, “What programming do you provide for parents to help them catechize their kids?”  I get odd looks when I respond, “I don’t do too much.”

It’s not that I don’t do anything.  We provide parents with materials from our program and connect them with their kid’s small group leaders.  But, in reality it’s a burden I share.  To have a healthy family you need to start by: