What Every Parent Should Expect From Your Ministry

I’ll never forget the first time I was chewed out by a parent.  I wanted to shut down and completely isolate myself from them.  I remember thinking, “If parents didn’t have to be involved ministry would be so much easier.”

Parents can be one of the greatest challenges to your ministry; however, they can also be one of your greatest assets.  If you want to be successful in youth ministry then you need to remember that parents matter because they:

Why Your Church Needs More Than A Youth Minister

I was asked in a radio interview, “Who has primary responsibility when it comes to teens and their faith formation?  Is it the parents, the church or teens who should own their faith?”


At the heart of the question is another one, “Who is responsible for whether a teen stays or leaves the church?”  The answer is:

What A Healthy Youth Ministry Looks Like

3 Areas Churches Should Focus Their Attention

A healthy parish is going to have a healthy youth ministry program.  Without the next generation, a church loses its appeal for families.  It lacks in enthusiasm and seldom changes.  A church without a healthy youth ministry is essentially dying.

If you want to help your church grow you need to make sure your youth ministry program is more than over glorified babysitting for teenagers.  A healthy youth ministry has:

Why You Need To Collaborate With Others

And Who Are The Right People To Work With

I’ve learned that the hard way that you can’t do ministry on your own.  Every time I’ve tried it’s lead to frustration.  Working with others is a simple principle we tend to forget.

While it’s something we all know we should do it doesn’t always seem practical.  After all working with others means:

Are You Burnt Out And Not Even Know It?

6 Tips To Stop The Busyness

Do you secretly resent your job?  Is your temper a little short?  Are you easily frustrated?  You could be burnt out and not even know it.

Ministry is a grind.  It’s easy to take one busy season and turn it into the norm and not even know it.  The reason this happens is because of bad habits that need to be turned around.  If you find yourself tired and worn out stop the craziness by: