How To Help Your Volunteers Fight Busyness

You send out an email reminder to leaders about that meeting you’ve spent months planning only to get this reply, “Hey, would love to join you but I’ve been so BUSY. Sorry, I can’t make it.”  It’s frustrating, but it’s a reality.


Your leaders are busy.  In fact all of us are busy and that’s an understatement.  One of the main reasons a volunteer stops showing up or doesn’t ever get involved is because they don’t have: 

How To Step Back In After Being Away

One of the reasons we don’t take time off is the fear of missing something while being away.  We picture the inbox filling up and the workload multiplying.  The idea of going back is daunting.

To tackle that overwhelming feeling of getting back to work you need to find the right pace.  To step back in after being away you need to make sure you:

Get The Answers To Your YM Questions

Finding the answers to our biggest youth ministry questions is never easy.  In fact it can be intimidating. You don’t want to look like you are out of your realm, but asking questions is huge.



The reason I started this site was to help youth ministers, volunteers and church workers find the answers to their questions.  One of the ways I enjoy doing that is by introducing you to people and resources that will feed you.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you a brand new resource from my friends Elle and Kenny Campbell at Here is the breakdown:

How To Talk To Your Teens About Giving

Imagine never having to do another fundraiser again.  Not possible?  Not true.  The way to eliminate fundraisers from your youth ministry (and your church) is to start focusing on talking to your teens about giving.

Our church talks about giving throughout the year.  It’s a message that trickles down into our teen and kid programs.  The motivation is to raise givers and not funds.  Givers will fuel the church because they buy into the vision.  To be effective in raising next generation givers you need to: