What REI Reminded Me About Growing Disciples

4 Steps To Grow Contributors Instead of Consumers

REI recently launched their #Optout campaign.  According to USA Today:

REI is taking direct aim at the frenzied consumerism that dominates the holidays with a message to do the exact opposite of what Black Friday demands. (Read more HERE)

I personally like REI, and I applaud what they are doing (Even if it’s a PR stunt), but it’s a reminder that consumerism is something to watch out for in every area of life, even youth ministry.

Teenagers will come to your youth ministry looking for something.  It might be a great time, deeper relationships or just an escape from reality.  As youth ministers we have to embrace this type of consumerism; however, we cannot allow teenagers to stay there.  In the end we have to help them:

Why Parents Really Are Crazy

And What You Can Do To Help

My first encounter with an angry parent was a phone call on my second day of youth ministry.  The parent called to complain that her son was not in the same small group as a friend.  She said, “It was a great injustice.”  I remember hanging up and thinking, “She’s crazy.”

I’m sure we’ve met parents that have made us wonder whether we should be concerned or confused.  When you are responsible for the well being, growth and success for another human being it will make you crazy.  As youth ministers you can help parents by recognizing:

Do You Love Where You Work?

4 Signs You Love The Church That Employs You

Do you love the church that employs you?  It might seem like an odd question; however, it’s an important one to answer.  It’s a question that rarely gets asked, but essential to answer.

To love your church isn’t always easy.  There are going to be times when you fight with coworkers, and get overwhelmed by members.  Working in a church isn’t always easy, but you have to love it or else you will not last.  So, do you love your church?  If the answer is yes then you are:

How To Get Volunteers In A Dying Parish

4 Steps to Take to Be Successful

A fellow youth worker once said to me, “Chris, it’s easy to get volunteers when your church is thriving but how can you do that when it’s dying?”

Finding volunteers in a dying or thriving parish is challenging; however, not impossible.  The only way it could be possible is if literally every Sunday not a single person walks into your church building.  To recruit volunteers in a dying parish is possible, you just need to:

4 Things That Scare Youth Ministers

I have a fear of heights.  While I can get on a plane the idea of climbing a 40ft ladder causes my palms to sweat.  We all have fears that we need to face, especially when it comes to youth ministry.

What are youth ministers scared of?  Maybe it’s the idea of losing a teen on a trip or dealing with an injury in a game of dodgeball.  Early on in youth ministry these four things freaked me out the most: