7 Tips To Maintain The Balance Between Home and Work

My heart sinks when I hear my son say, “Daddy, I miss when you are away.”  Between retreats, conference, and now travel for the book it gets hard to maintain the balance between home and work.

I’m not alone, just go on Facebook and read all the comments.  It’s a struggle because you love what you do and you love your family.  It can feel hopeless, but to maintain the balance you need to:

3 Things We Unfairly Hold Against Teens

And How To Address It

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “They just don’t care.”  It’s a thought that comes from frustration, disappointment or just being burned out.  And if left unaddressed it can limit your ministry.

The best way to address the situation is by naming it.  While there are several things we hold unfairly against our teens three that I’ve heard (And even experienced) the most are:

Dealing With Discouragement

And How To Keep On Moving

On the latest Rebuilt podcast, Tom Corcoran and I respond to an email from a listener regarding a frustrating situation.  This person wants to grow, but the rest of the team isn’t ready.  Or at least that’s how it’s perceived.

There will be moments in your ministry when it feels like no one is on board.  You will find times when the results do not meet your expectations.  The worst is that these moments will pile up on one another.  To move forward you need to:

Balancing The Personal And Professional

And 3 Steps To Make It Possible

If you are in ministry there will be times when your job leaks into personal life.  And then there will be times when your personal life will leak into your job.  It’s a blessing and curse.

When teens call you on a Friday night it means they see you as someone who can help them.  If you worship where you work it shows that you value the place that employs you.  Again, a career in ministry is a blessing and a curse.  The goal is to find a healthy balance.  And the reality is that:

How To Battle Self-Doubt In Your Ministry

It could be the greatest night of ministry ever, but you don’t feel that way.  You can’t explain why you didn’t enjoy it like your volunteers or teens did.  All you hear is a voice telling you, “It wasn’t good enough.”

One of the biggest battles a youth minister will face is self-doubt.  It hits us all, even in times of great success. While we cannot always control it’s source there are some actions we can take to move through it.  If you are battling self-doubt or questioning your ability to lead look at: