5 Priceless Principles For Staying Married In Ministry

A young guy fresh out of college once asked me, “Is it possible for someone to pursue a career in parish ministry and start a family full time?”

It’s a question that I struggled with when I first started on this journey and it’s a question I still wrestle with today.  Being married in ministry is challenging, but doable as long as you:

What To Do When Ministry Knocks You Down

4 Steps To Avoid Feeling Like A Punching Bag

You ever feel like a punching bag?  Maybe it’s after a parent has just torn you apart, the pastor isn’t happy with your progress or a teen literally punched you.  You want to fight back, but you just don’t know how.

The balance between humility and humiliation can sometimes be blurry.  You want to embrace the struggle that comes with church ministry, but the emotional, mental and sometimes physical pain can be too much.

When To Walk Away From Your Church

5 Steps To Help You Decide

You don’t have to work in ministry long enough to know that there will be some really rough moments.  It’s during those moments when you might consider leaving.

But, is it the right decision?  Going through that discernment is difficult but necessary.  Anytime you feel tired, burned out or jaded you need to process the situation.

How You Can Afford To Work In The Local Church

4 Keys to Keep You Going and Even Raise a Family

After my year of volunteering I needed a job that could pay the bills and keep me from moving back home.  That’s when I found a position as a middle school youth minister.  My initial thought was, “I can do this for 2 years while I figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Over a decade later I wouldn’t change what I do.  I love youth ministry and I love working for the local church.  Often I get asked, “How did you afford it considering you have a family?”  The truth is that it wasn’t always easy, but it is possible.

4 Attitudes That Will Derail Your Ministry

Vision and strategy are key to important to your ministry.  But, even if your vision is clear and your strategy is solid it can still be derailed by one thing: YOUR ATTITUDE.

Youth ministry is a grind and sometimes that shows.  It’s okay to be human; however, when a bad day becomes a pattern it can become a reason people stop investing in your ministry.  To make sure your attitude doesn’t become a problem you need to guard your heart from: