How To Empty Your Already Full Plate

5 Disciplines To Help You Maximize Your Capacity As A Leader

A full plate at Thanksgiving is great, but one in youth ministry can be exhausting and overwhelming.  A full plate can lead to miscommunication, and a lot of broken promises.  If not addressed it can also lead to burnout.


To empty your already full plate you need to look at what holds your attention at this time.  Does it matter to reaching your goals?  Is it urgent, important or both?  To know what to tackle first in order to empty your plate start:

Create A Culture Of Recruiting Volunteers

4 Steps To Help You Close The Deal With Potential Volunteers

Are you thinking about volunteers right now?  Probably not as much as you were a few months ago.  And that’s natural because the urgency kicks in right around the beginning of programs or right before a big event.


Should you be thinking about volunteers right now?  Definitely.  Believe it or not the right time to recruit volunteers is now.  You aren’t consumed with launching anything new and people aren’t wrapped up in the middle of a transitional season.  But, before you send out a email blast to recruit more people consider a more personal approach and that starts with:

How To Handle Annoying And Obnoxious Teenagers

Part 1: Being Proactive and Preventing Distractions

There’s always at least one.  You might be in the middle of a serious story and you see them in the corner of your eye chatting with a friend.  The temptation is to stop what you are doing and call them out, but what if there was a better way?


Teenagers by nature are easily distracted and to hold their attention can be difficult.  They have a lot going on physically, mentally and emotionally.  This can be a complicated situation and that’s why we’re going to break this topic into two posts.  In today’s post we’re going to look at:

Rebuilding Confirmation

Because We Need More Than Another Graduation

When did we go wrong when it came to Confirmation preparation?  Instead of treating it like a commissioning it’s become a graduation for most people.  Confirmation preparation needs a makeover.


On January 27th, 2017 my newest book Rebuilding Confirmation (Ave Maria Presswill be released.  While the book doesn’t have all the answers to fixing Confirmation preparation it’s goal is to start the conversation on what needs to change.

Growing Your Ministry Numbers

7 Practical Steps That Require No Magic

It’s that pressure that plagues every youth minister.  It’s the question we ask; yet, hate to answer.  The question, “How many teens attend your ministry?” is seen as a youth ministry faux pas.


Why does that question urk us?  It’s because that number can be used to judge our effectiveness.  Numbers do have their place and while no number will satisfy us what we are really after is growth.  Instead of worrying about the bottom line we need to focus on: