Where Every Detail Matters

We can feel like so much needs to get done that we will just let the details suffer. But, that’s not the healthiest approach to have in ministry.  In fact each detail matters more than you can imagine.

Details make a difference and they can no longer be ignored.  I learned this first hand when my ministry decided to move so that my team could have breathing room.This summer we made the decision to move our high school program on Thursdays from 6:30pm start time to 7pm.  The impact in a few weeks has been huge. We are seeing:

5 Time Savers To Maximize Your Capacity

Time is precious, yet we mismanage it all the time. With more time we could reach more teenagers.  With more time we could build a better program.  With more time we could reach more of our goals.

Courtesy of Andrex M

Courtesy of Andrex M

But you only have 24 hours.  Instead of wishing for more time you need to learn how to maximize what you already have.  That means having a system and then engaging it.  Many times people do not know where to start, so I have 5 time savers (And a free giveaway below) I use to maximize my capacity:

4 Hurdles Small Groups Must Overcome

You know small groups have a huge impact on your ministry.  The idea of starting a program is daunting. But, the real hurdles come when you lead one.

When you oversee the program it’s about a strong strategy, vision and mission. When you get into the trenches it gets really messy.  And the reason leading a group can get messy is because:

How To Respond To A Long Day

Moving from summer to fall means a new season of ministry.  Chances are your weeks will move quicker and your days will feel long.  After a night of ministry you just want to collapse and sleep in the next day. But, you know you can’t, because there is another long day just ahead.

Anytime you transition from one season to the next you need to make adjustments.  Change will naturally tire you and wear you out.  Because ministry is organic you cannot just stop, you need to keep going.  What you need to know is how to bounce back.  That means:

4 Tips To Welcome New Teens

I moved around a lot as a kid.  The hardest part about it was being the new guy.  Especially going to school, I was never sure if I was doing the right thing or in the right place.  It was overwhelming.

Big or small your ministry is going to experience new teens.  The question you have to answer is:

How are you going to welcome them?”  

While it’s not rocket science it does take intentionality.  Here are four steps you can take to make your ministry more welcoming to new teens: