Thinking Steps And Not Programs

Creating a Discipleship Path for Teens

In the book 7 Practices of Effective Ministry Andy Stanley stresses that churches need to think steps and not programs.  Youth ministry needs to do the same.  It’s easy to get stuck on a program, and grow comfortable until frustration settles in.

Too often we get focused on looking at programs like they are the solution to discipleship. The reality is that they are only a tool.  To go from programs to steps you need to remember to:

6 Steps To Effective Meetings

So You Don't Waste People's Time

You’ve probably walked out of a meeting before thinking, “That was a waste of my time.”  The meeting either ran too long or lacked purpose.  You feel robbed of something precious.  Your time.

Meetings are not easy to run.  They take preparation and purpose.  Before you ask for people’s time you need to have a desired outcome.  To reach that desired outcome you need to:

How To Give Students A Good First Impression

The new teens walking into your ministry are looking to make a good first impression. They want to fit in and know they matter.  They are also wondering, “Is this going to be worth my time?”

The answer to their question is going to be impacted by their first impression of you.  And the challenge is that you only get one shot.  Most times you can’t afford to mess it up.  In order to create a good first impression you need to:

6 Strategies To Keep Volunteers Long Term

Volunteers are one of the most precious resources to a youth ministry.  We know the more we have the more we can do.  The challenge is keeping them around for the long haul.

If you can get people to serve year after year it’s easier to create momentum.  People will help you see the trends and tackle the larger issues.  The question is, “How do you ask someone to stick around for years?”

If you want men and women to commit to your youth ministry year in and year out you need to:

How To Create An Effective Message Series Calendar

Last week some of our staff went off campus to develop our message series for the 2015-2016 years.  I posted a photo of it on Instagram and people asked, “What’s the process look like?”

It’s simple, but takes a little bit of work and bares a lot of fruit.  Even if you don’t have a huge staff to start putting together an effective message series calendar you need to: