I’m not a great small group leader.  I own the conversation and ask too many closed ended questions.  Despite my shortcomings the guys in my small group like me and I love them.  The largest challenge I face is bringing them back each week.

Bringing students back is a challenge.  On top of all their responsibilities they’ll have to deal with their lives constantly changing.  To work with teenagers in an ever changing world it’s important to think:


That means looking at the teens who attend as more than numbers.  It’s about understanding why they come and why they don’t.  To think relationally and bring teens back you need to: Continue Reading…

I’m not a money guy. Meaning I don’t enjoy the budgetary side of youth ministry.  Spending the money isn’t a problem, it’s the funding part that drives me crazy.  I know what I want; however, I know I won’t always get what I want.  That’s part of the challenge of building a budget it doesn’t feel like you have 100% control over it, right?

If you want to increase the funding in your ministry then it means taking the time to make your finances a priority.  That could mean changing a few disciplines like: Continue Reading…

In my first year of youth ministry I would feel immense pressure creating the ultimate game.  Games are fun, fun means teens are having a good time and a teen having a good time is going to come back, right?  Some nights I hit it out the park other days I flopped. 


While your youth ministry does not need a game every single week they are an important part of what you do.  God wants you and your teens to have fun and games are a perfect way of doing it.  The problem is that you over think it, stress out and over pay for materials.  If you want to create epic games you need to follow these rules: Continue Reading…

A Book 10 Years In The Making

February 28, 2014 — 1 Comment

I love writing about my experiences in youth ministry.  For years those stories have been shared in one on one conversations and this blog.  People who have followed me over the 8 years of Marathon Youth Ministry have asked, “Are you going to write a book?”  

I wasn’t sure; however, after one final push from my friend Andy Blanks of YM360, I did.  And, yesterday I officially signed a contract with Ave Maria Press.  Right now, the feeling is unreal.


While the majority of the manuscript is written, there is still a lot to do.  Such as:  

  • There’s developing the title.  Right now the working title is Rebuilding Your Youth Ministry. 
  • Expanding and strengthening the content.
  • Coming up with a look for the cover.

And we’ll be moving towards a release next year.  Needless to say it’s actually happening.  So, you might wonder, “What’s the book about?”  Well, it:
Continue Reading…

Some of my most productive moments happen on a plane.  I’m locked into a seat, with nowhere to go and the view out my window is priceless.  While I miss family and am not always sitting next to the most pleasant people, I’m guaranteed to get a lot done.

Everyone has a desire to be productive.  To be it all the time is a challenge, especially when your plate is completely full.  To become productive means tweaking some of the systems and structures that pour into your life.  To boost your productivity and make sure you stay on task always: Continue Reading…