What Your Meeting Needs To Be Effective

You work hard at reminding people to come to your meetings and it doesn’t seem to work.  No matter how much you stress them importance it just doesn’t seem like a priority.  You get angry.

You want people to come to your meetings.  There is much to discuss and work out, but people just won’t commit.  The problem is you are forgetting a few important details.  If you want your meetings to be effective than you need to remember that:

5 Steps To Get Teens Further Involved

If you want your teens to have more of a presence in church you need to think outside the youth room.  In fact you might need to think beyond mission work.  To elevate the awareness of the next generation you need to get teens involved inside the church building.

At Church of the Nativity we call ministry service inside of the church.  It’s what we do to create an irresistible worship environment for our community.  When teens are involved inside the church building it:

How You Start Matters

Our staff was reflecting on the past year and the question was asked, “What did you learn last year?” One staff member shared that he learned, “How you start something matters.”

Imagine a youth ministry more efficient and productive.  Imagine having margin in your week.  All of those would be possible if you started out strong.  To get there you need to change a few things. To start any project or program on the right foot you need to:

How To Be A Resource To Parents

As a parent of small children I’m constantly reminded that my wife and I can’t do this on our own. That’s why we are constantly looking for assistance from people, books, blogs and websites. While there is a lot available not all of it is useful.

Youth ministries are competing against so much to prove to parents that it’s an important part of a teen’s life.  You as the youth minister need to show why.  

To show parents how you can be more than just a resource you need to start:

How To Do An Overhaul On Religious Ed

You might not want to admit to it, but your religious ed isn’t doing what you want it to do.  You decide the only solution is to overhaul the entire program, but how?

First, make sure you are not alone on this.  Ask your team, consult your pastor and make sure you just aren’t feeling stuck.  To overhaul your religious ed and create a real discipleship program you need to: