Why First Impressions Matter

And How To Make Them Successful

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s something I was told as a child, it’s something I’ve told my own kids but the reality is we do. When it comes to first impressions we all make them, whether justly or not.

When it comes to your youth ministry you might only get one shot with the majority of your students. That can be a tough reality to swallow and it’s one we cannot ignore. If you want teens coming back week after week you have to make sure you are:

Matter 15 Conference Registration Is Open

And 4 Reasons Why You Won't Want To Miss It

I love November.  On top of my birthday and Thanksgiving it’s got one of my favorite events: THE MATTER CONFERENCE. And registration for Matter 15 (November 5th-6th) is officially open.

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Some of you have been the last couple of years and each year we do basically the same thing.  We take the tools, resources, and experiences we’ve gathered over the year and share it with the attendees.  So, again great content; however, this year there are some incredible additions:

Raise Funds Without Fundraising

Summer is filled with trips, camps and experiences that are life changing.  Summer is also filled with trips, camps and experiences that cost money.  For most youth ministers that means one thing: FUNDRAISERS

That means more work, more effort and less attention on discipling teens.  So, you might wonder, “If I shouldn’t fundraise how do I pay for these experiences?”

You start changing the culture.  Instead of fund raising start:

4 Keys To Building Authentic Relationships Through Your Ministry


While each teen in your community is different there is probably one thing they have in common.  Every teen in your community desires to be connected into a real and authentic relationship.

The problem is that many of them don’t know where to find it.  They search in school, in clubs and online.  They should find it in your ministry.  Your ministry needs to be a place of authenticity because that will help teens connect into a personal relationship with Christ.  To create that place you need to:

Thinking Steps And Not Programs

Creating a Discipleship Path for Teens

In the book 7 Practices of Effective Ministry Andy Stanley stresses that churches need to think steps and not programs.  Youth ministry needs to do the same.  It’s easy to get stuck on a program, and grow comfortable until frustration settles in.

Too often we get focused on looking at programs like they are the solution to discipleship. The reality is that they are only a tool.  To go from programs to steps you need to remember to: