How To Boost Your Ministry Numbers

3 Areas To Focus Your Attention And Get Results

How many teens attend your ministry? It’s a question we love to ask and hate to answer. It’s a comparison trap that can create insecurity and jealousy. No matter the number we’re always desiring MORE.

And that’s okay. You should want more teens to attend your ministry because it means that you have the opportunity to reach more with the Gospel. The challenge is growing the ministry and sustaining those numbers. If you want to boost your numbers you have to remember:

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Details

4 Simple Strategies That Prevent The Smallest Of Obstacles From Tripping Us Up

One night as I was preparing for a night of ministry as teenagers began to arrive. As one teen approached he went to a door that I had not unlocked. He looked a little confused as he tried to open it, after a few attempts he started to walk away.

I ran out after him and said, “Hey buddy, where are you going?” He said, “The door was locked so I thought maybe tonight was canceled.” I apologized and reassured him there were already a few people inside. It was a learning lesson that:

How To Manage Your Time This Summer

3 Areas To Work On So That You'll Be Ready For The Fall

I don’t know about you but I often fool myself into thinking summer is a time when I get a break. In fact, I often believed that lie my first couple of years of ministry. Instead of feeling rested I was more stressed out hitting the fall.

The problem is that I wasn’t preparing. I would attend the camps that I had planned for the students, but that was it. The rest of the time I took it easy. While summer is a season where you can breathe it’s also an important season to:

What’s Your Strategy For Getting Volunteers This Summer?

4 Simple And Effective Approaches To Building Your Teams

Summer brings different opportunities to your youth ministry. You can plan more trips and events. While people travel there is a little bit more flexibility. With that flexibility comes another opportunity: RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS

Outside of vacations, there aren’t a lot of commitments. Talking to people about getting involved doesn’t seem as stressful because people are little more laid back. To get people involved you nIf you don’t have one, no worries here are four approaches to effectively get people involved in your ministry:

Summer is also a time to get creative. So instead of throwing out another email. Try these four approaches that have worked for me:

How To Get Your Small Groups Started

3 Areas To Pour All Your Energy Into When Getting Started

Events, trips, and even outreach opportunities will attract teens to your ministry. But, they’ll stay and come back only if they form authentic and real relationships. That will happen if you have a healthy small group program.

Small groups are powerful but they can’t just be thrown together. They need a plan and a structure. To get your small groups started you need to: