Why You Need A Boarding Process For New Volunteers

One of the reasons people don’t get involved in ministry is because it seems like an impossible leap.  Many people feel like they are unqualified and in order to serve they need a masters in theology.

To debunk those myths you need a boarding process for your ministry.  A boarding process creates a clear path of how to get plugged in and what’s required.  To get one started you need to provide:

How To Develop Routine

I haven’t been running for a while.  I had a bad muscle pull in my lower back.  It kept me from doing something I loved.  Finally this past week I’ve been able to get back into routine and it stinks.

Some of us like structure and others of us hate it, but we all need it.  You need routine in your ministry because it keeps you focused.  To develop a productive routine that you could actually enjoy is challenging, but it’s possible as long as you:

5 Myths That Hold Us Back From Asking People To Serve

We all hope that day will come when a line of people randomly show up to serve in your ministry.  But, that never happens.  You need to go find the right people.  But, asking someone to serve is intimidating.

It’s complicated because we’ve bought into the lies of who should serve and how to get them.  Those lies hold us back from extending an invitation.  To move past the myths that hold us back you need to debunk them.

5 myths that have held me back from asking people to serve were:

Does My Youth Ministry Need A Name?

A question that I come across is, Should my youth ministry have a name?”  Our student programs (Uprising = high school; Resurrection = middle school) have names and while they do matter, it only matters if your marketing and branding is effective.

You can come up with a million names, but if you don’t communicate them correctly no one will care.  While you should take time to create an effective and catchy name you need to do more.  The more is:

The Power of Mentoring

Yesterday, I announced an awesome competition through Ave Maria Press.  It’s a chance to go deeper into my new book Rebuilding Youth Ministry.  Three winners will be chosen and each one will have the opportunity to sit down with me one on one via Skype for 3 one hour coaching sessions. (To learn more click HERE)

One of the reasons I love this promotion is because it allows me to do something I love, pouring into other youth workers.  I’m excited to pay forward what I’ve received from so many experienced youth ministers.

Whether or not you participate in the promotion coaching is something every youth minster needs because it: