Why Small Groups Need To Be A Part Of Your Ministry

And How To Get Them Started

Events for youth can be fun; however, they can also be completely exhausting.  You put in a lot of work recruiting volunteers, advertising to the community and putting together logistics.  Despite the results you can be left wondering, “Is this worth it?”

If you want your youth ministry to grow at a healthy pace then you need to invest in small groups.  The reason small groups are important to the success of your youth ministry is because:

Can Your Leadership Endure The Pressure?

6 Exercises To Help You Overcome Challenges And Hardships

Everyone wants to be the leader until they actually have to lead.  When you are in charge it means making tough decisions and overcoming obstacles.  You aren’t always liked and that can be exhausting.

Whether you chose to be a leader or the responsibility fell in your lap you need to know how to endure.  To overcome the challenges, hardships, obstacles and heartbreak that come with leading you will need to:

New Year New Beginnings

What You Can Expect In 2017 From MYM Inc.

As some of you know back in November 2016, I left my position as Director of Student Ministry at Church of the Nativity.  It was a difficult decision but one I knew I had to make.

To step away was a big decision (and a little scary).  Nativity had given me so many different opportunities and I am grateful for the investment they had made in me, but now it was time to do something different.

Simplify Your Recruiting Strategy For Volunteers

2 Approaches To Consistently Get The Help You Need

If you had more people you could do more, right?  Finding enough people to run our programs, and grow our ministry seems like an unending problem, it seems so complicated.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be.  In fact finding volunteers, recruiting them and getting them on board can be quite simple.

How To Be Taken Seriously As A Youth Minister

5 Areas To Address That Will Help People Change Their Mind

Youth ministry is an incredible job, but it’s also very demanding.  And, that’s why it can be frustrating when coworkers, parents, and even the teens don’t take you seriously.


Youth ministry is a profession and it should be taken seriously.  Unfortunately, it’s often viewed as babysitting for teenagers.  If you are tired of being patronized or just looking to advocate youth ministry as a serious position then: