The 2 Most Important Things You Should Give Every Volunteer

Building a team of volunteers takes work, but keeping them around is a whole different challenge.  Why they leave could depend on a variety of reasons, but why they stay is due to two:


As a leader you have to give your team both of these things.  And the great part is that giving them to your volunteers isn’t rocket science.  In fact it’s quite simple.  To show your team purpose and gratitude:

How To Face Conflict And Win Every Time

Not many people like conflict; however, it’s inevitable.  It might be the angry parent barraging you for not communicating or the pastor chewing you out for losing $3200 on a fundraiser.

Conflict is a part of life because life is filled with changes, mistakes and growth opportunities.  You can try to hide from conflict, but not for long.  It will find you and beat you unless you:

How To Allow Your Teens To Be Vulnerable

When a student walks into your ministry are they ready to learn?  One approach is to entice them with a better picture of what life could be.  While that can work you still need to make sure they can feel vulnerable.

When a teen is vulnerable it means they’ve let down their guard.  A vulnerable teen is one that is willing to grow and listen.  To give them that permission you need to:

Are You Doing Enough?

How to measure progress and not get discouraged

Every youth minister asks the question, “Am I doing enough?”   It’s a question we are afraid to answer because it could expose our failures and shortcomings.

But, if you do not ask the question, “Am I doing enough?” then your ministry will never change.  It needs to change because the world around it is constantly moving.  To answer the question you need to know how to: