What You Need To Do To Help Teens Show Up

6 Steps To Increase Interest And Engagnement

I’m starting over and it’s a humbling experience. I’ve been at my new job for less than a year and fall programming is right around the corner. The big question that looms in my mind is “Will anyone show?”

Will teenagers show up to the program if I don’t require them to be there? Will anyone want to come back if it doesn’t meet their expectations?

What a Real Student Leader Looks Like

4 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Teenage Leaders

Close your eyes and imagine walking into your church on a Sunday morning. As you walk in you are greeted by teenagers with warm smiles. They are serving alongside adults creating a welcoming environment for all those seeking something more.

It might feel like a pipe dream but getting the next generation to serve at a high level in your church is doable. It takes time but the investment is something that will change your church’s direction. To develop real student leaders you need to first:

Is Your Ministry Financially Responsible?

2 Big Strategies To Help Teens Win With Money

If someone were to give you $10,000 for your ministry would you know how to use it? What would you spend it on and how would it improve your ministry? While this scenario rarely happens it’s one that we should know how to answer.

While no one gets into youth ministry to manage finances it does play an important role. If a youth ministry has a healthy relationship with money then it can continue to build healthy disciples. To make your ministry financially responsible you need to:

Why Your Youth Minister Won’t Last Two Years

4 Steps To Reduce The Turnover

We have all seen it happen, a youth minister who goes into their job excited only to leave a couple of years later completely burnt out. When the youth minister leaves it creates a void that can hold a church back from where it needs to go.

A church can ignore the situation and hire the next college graduate hoping this time it’ll be different OR they can address the issues. When it comes to why a youth minister would leave it starts with them feeling:

Why All Youth Ministers Should Love VBS

4 Steps To Help You Maximize The Opportunity

Last week our parish hosted its annual Vacation Bible School, where 100’s of kids experienced God’s love. I’ve always had mixed feelings regarding VBS and wanted to know if others shared my thoughts so I shot out the question on social media:

 VBS. Is it a youth minister’s nightmare, highlight or just another thing that goes on? Share your thoughts. #mymsummers

Responses were mostly positive and varied. While I’m not directly involved with Vacation Bible School I’ve learned to embrace it because if well-done it could help the youth ministry: