How To Handle Turnover In Your Ministry

Steps to Keep Them and Steps to Help Them Leave

I wish I could tell you that I’ve had a 100% retention rate for volunteers in my ministry.  I wish I could tell you that people have only left because of positive reasons.  That would be a lie.


People will leave your ministry and it hurts when they do.  You might want to take it personally but the truth is there are many reasons.  But, is it possible to avoid turnover?  

Mastering Youth Ministry Games

6 Action Steps to Maximize Your Game's Potential

Games are a huge part of youth ministry.  They’re fun, they break tension, form relationships and create memories.  They are a big part of ministry; however, they can be a big distraction if done incorrectly.

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That’s right there is an etiquette to games for your ministry.  If ignored it will not only effect the outcome of the activity, but impact how people see your ministry.  To master the art of the game you need to:

Is Your Ministry Broken?

7 Questions That Will Improve Your Programs, Projects and Events

Ever host an event and was disappointed by the turnout?  Maybe it was a meeting and no one came prepared?  It happens to everyone, but why it happens isn’t always clear.

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You might want to assign blame (5 Excuses Youth Ministers Need To Avoid Making), but before you do take a look at your systems.  If the systems you have in place are broken, your programs, projects and events will fail.  To determine if they are broken consider these 7 questions:

5 Excuses Youth Ministers Need To Avoid Making

And 5 Steps To Avoid Making Them

There are going to be moments when you don’t see the results you hope for.  When expectations aren’t met you want to find a reason.  While it might be tempting it’s important to avoid making excuses.

While excuses can be justified they often don’t lead to solutions.  And while there are several excuses we can make their are 5 youth ministers should especially avoid:

3 Keys To Jumpstart Your Leadership Potential

Ministries become stale for a variety of reasons; however, they all link back to the same source: LEADERSHIP.

If you aren’t looking at ways of increasing and improving your leadership you could lose your ministry.  You will hit routines that will lead to a lack of relevancy or an increase in burnout.  To stay fresh as a leader you need to: