The Simplest Way To Get People Involved

Earlier this week I spoke on the Ave Maria Press Webinar “Rebuilding Youth Ministry In Your Parish“.  What I loved about the webinar were the amount of questions that I received from listeners.

While there were several questions that caught my attention, one stood out above the rest.  The question was:

New Resource: This Week In YM Podcast

Even after 10 years of youth ministry I have to admit that I don’t know it all.  In fact I feel like there is more that I don’t know than do know.  That’s why connecting with experienced youth workers is important.


Terrace Crawford is one of those youth workers that’s helped me grow in my ministry.  His website is such a great resource for equipping and empowering youth workers to go the extra mile.

Recently he’s started a new project, one that I’m very excited about.  A few weeks ago he launched:

6 Factors That Affect Your Message Delivery

You can spend most of your week writing and researching your message.  It can be full of facts, and stories that can move hearts.  The problem is your only halfway done.  Because delivery is just as important as content.

There are a lot of factors when it comes to the delivery of your content.  Beyond practicing there are a few attributes worth noting.  It does not matter who your audience is, if you want to deliver a dynamic message:

How To Be Available And Set Limits

It’s a dinner time with family when your cell phone rings.  You don’t recognize the number but you know it has something to do with work.  You ask yourself the question, “Do I need to answer this?”

As a youth minister you want to be available for your teens, and their parents.  But, you also know you have to protect your time, and your personal relationships.  There will always be tension, the question is how do you balance it all?

How To Talk To Teens About Sex

Our church just wrapped up a message series on sex we called A Way Forward (To learn more go HERE).  It’s not the first time we talked about the subject, but it is the first time we did a church wide message series.

There were a lot of positive results and the series was well received.  We created conversations between adults, teenagers and kids.  We were able to help people see that living a pure life is huge to having intimacy.  A couple of lessons that learned from the experience is that we need to: