How To Create Healthier Small Groups Discussions

I used to obsess about small group curriculum.  I was on the search for the content that would change lives and grow the church.  The problem is that I was only looking for a piece of the solution.  When it comes to small groups it’s not just what you teach, it’s also how you teach it.

If you want your small group leaders to be successful you need to look at them as leaders who build relationships.  When you turn the focus from content to relationships you:

5 Steps To Healthy And Fun Youth Ministry

I’m someone who loves to laugh and have a good time.  I’m also someone who doesn’t like to waste time.  If I’m ever in that situation the first question that pops into my mind is, “Why are we doing this?”  

The question comes from a need of purpose.  And in youth ministry it’s easy to do a ton of things that have no purpose, including fun.

Now fun does belong in youth ministry.  In fact it’s an important part of reaching out to teenagers and growing disciples because it can:

Raise Funds Without Fundraising

Summer is filled with trips, camps and experiences that are life changing.  Summer is also filled with trips, camps and experiences that cost money.  For most youth ministers that means one thing: FUNDRAISERS

That means more work, more effort and less attention on discipling teens.  So, you might wonder, “If I shouldn’t fundraise how do I pay for these experiences?”

You start changing the culture.  Instead of fund raising start:

Going Beyond The Youth Room

Steps to Growing Student Leaders

Youth ministry programming is only half the job of a youth minister.  To truly grow disciples of Jesus Christ you need to know how to make the next generation feel a part of the local church.

That means looking for opportunities where they can lead.  While peer leadership is important, it will only get a teenager so far.  If you want to truly grow disciples and future leaders you need to:

6 Steps To Effective Meetings

So You Don't Waste People's Time

You’ve probably walked out of a meeting before thinking, “That was a waste of my time.”  The meeting either ran too long or lacked purpose.  You feel robbed of something precious.  Your time.

Meetings are not easy to run.  They take preparation and purpose.  Before you ask for people’s time you need to have a desired outcome.  To reach that desired outcome you need to: