Going Beyond The Youth Room

Steps to Growing Student Leaders

Youth ministry programming is only half the job of a youth minister.  To truly grow disciples of Jesus Christ you need to know how to make the next generation feel a part of the local church.

That means looking for opportunities where they can lead.  While peer leadership is important, it will only get a teenager so far.  If you want to truly grow disciples and future leaders you need to:

6 Steps To Effective Meetings

So You Don't Waste People's Time

You’ve probably walked out of a meeting before thinking, “That was a waste of my time.”  The meeting either ran too long or lacked purpose.  You feel robbed of something precious.  Your time.

Meetings are not easy to run.  They take preparation and purpose.  Before you ask for people’s time you need to have a desired outcome.  To reach that desired outcome you need to:

How To Make Your Content Stick

You know what you want teens to know, but getting them to embrace it is a challenge.  Many times it’s easy to blame teens for not having the passion.  But, it might not be a passion problem you are experiencing.  Your delivery system could just stink.

Content is key and to make it stick you need a solid delivery system.  If you cannot communicate content effectively it will lose it’s authority and impact.  To communicate effectively and keep your students engaged you need to make sure you have:

How To Create An Effective Message Series Calendar

Last week some of our staff went off campus to develop our message series for the 2015-2016 years.  I posted a photo of it on Instagram and people asked, “What’s the process look like?”

It’s simple, but takes a little bit of work and bares a lot of fruit.  Even if you don’t have a huge staff to start putting together an effective message series calendar you need to:

Basic Steps To Tackling Your Budget

You will never catch a youth minister thinking, “I can’t wait to tackle the budget!” In fact budgeting can be a youth minister’s worst nightmare.  But, it’s essential and impossible to ignore.

To tackle your budget means to master it.  To master your budget takes discipline and it also takes knowledge.  If you want to own your budget instead of it owning you: