How To Get Volunteers In A Dying Parish

4 Steps to Take to Be Successful

A fellow youth worker once said to me, “Chris, it’s easy to get volunteers when your church is thriving but how can you do that when it’s dying?”

Finding volunteers in a dying or thriving parish is challenging; however, not impossible.  The only way it could be possible is if literally every Sunday not a single person walks into your church building.  To recruit volunteers in a dying parish is possible, you just need to:

How To Grow Volunteers Into Leaders

There was a point in my ministry when I had plenty of volunteers; however, the ministry wasn’t growing.  The problem was a lack of leadership.  People would do what I asked, but never take it to the next level.

While it might be easy to blame your ministers for never taking the reigns, the truth is you might be holding them back.  To take your volunteers to the next level of leadership you need to make sure you:

How To Set Your Schedule

5 Practical Steps to Avoid Doing Ministry Minute to Minute

One of the hardest things for me to learn in youth ministry was how to set a schedule.  Busy seasons would turn into the norm and instead of feeling excited about what I do I grew tired and resentful.

I know I’m not alone, it’s something I hear from youth ministers I talk to regularly.  Setting a schedule is difficult and if you don’t set one yourself someone is going to set it for you.  If you are feeling like your schedule is a little crazy (Or doesn’t exist) make sure you start:

One Thing You Can’t Assume Your Volunteers Know About You

I’m willing to bet that you are grateful for the men and women who serve in your ministry.  The question is, “Does your team know that you are grateful?”

Your gratitude is something you can’t assume your volunteers know about you.  Even if it feels obvious you need to show it and on a daily basis.  The reason you might struggle in this area is because:

Why Youth Ministry Is Sales

There are a lot of great ways to advertise for your ministry (Check out my friends at but that’s only half the battle.  While marketing is important you need to know how to sell what you do.

I know sales and youth ministry seems wrong, but in reality there is a lot of noise competing for the time and attention of the next generation.  Not only are you trying to sell your teens on coming to church but adults to invest in the next generation.  They way to sell youth ministry and not your soul is by: