How To Balance Fun And Discipleship

We’re led to believe that youth ministry that’s too much fun is simply entertainment.  And a youth ministry that is all about theology is boring and even irrelevant.

You want to teach truth, but you don’t know if teens will lose interest.  You want to have fun but you don’t know if it’ll water down the faith.  The problem is that:

When You Should Expect Results

No one has to wait anymore.  With the advances in technology everything from food to information can be given to us instantaneously.  Well, almost everything.

I’ve been blessed to travel around the country the last year with my pastor to help promote his book Rebuilt.  And, one of the questions we’re consistently asked is:

How To Step Back In After Being Away

One of the reasons we don’t take time off is the fear of missing something while being away.  We picture the inbox filling up and the workload multiplying.  The idea of going back is daunting.

To tackle that overwhelming feeling of getting back to work you need to find the right pace.  To step back in after being away you need to make sure you:

Why Now Is the Perfect Time To Think Fall

It’s hard to think about the fall right after Christmas.  After all there is still a whole lot of ministry to go. There are teens to welcome and programs to coordinate.  But, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the end of the summer.

As a youth minister you need to be able to set things in motion and the look forward.  Thinking ahead will help you build the foundation and margin you need for an even better ministry.  To get yourself ahead you need to start:

How To Embrace Constant Change

Change is never easy.  Even when we yearn for change it can still be difficult.  But, how we handle change is important because it impacts our efficiency and productivity.

Youth ministry and change go hand in hand.  Each year you’re saying good by to students as they move on.  You are welcoming new generations into your program.  Your volunteers, the congregation and even the community around you changes.  The question is how do you embrace it and still thrive?