5 Opportunities To Build Up Leaders And Expand Your Capacity

A growing ministry will always demand more of your time, energy and attention.  If you try to do it all on your own you will fail.  You need other leaders to serve alongside of you. So, where do you find them?

There isn’t a secret lair where leaders hide.  There isn’t a magic formula that you can concoct at home.  The way you build leaders to expand your capacity is by learning how to:

The Rebuilt Parish Association: Are You A Member?

3 Reasons Why You Should Join The Community

To do ministry for the long haul you need the right resources and people who are going to walk with you.  That’s why I want to tell you about the Rebuilt Parish Association from Church of the Nativity.


The Rebuilt Parish Association is designed to grow disciples by helping other churches grow disciples.  It’s a brand new resource from my parish the church that brought you Rebuilt and the Matter Conference.  Three reasons you should seriously consider this resource for your parish or ministry is because it’s:

What I Learned On My Trip To Haiti

5 Pillars That Will Make Any Missions Trip Successful

This past Friday I returned from Haiti with a group of adults and students.  It was our church’s first intergenerational international missions trip.  It was also the largest group we had ever taken.  But, despite all these firsts it was a huge success.


One of the reasons the trip was so successful is because of the hard work put in by Brian Crook and our Missions Department at Nativity.  As one of the participants (And point person for the youth) it was clear that the success was due to the leadership understanding that:

How To Turn It Off

4 Practices That Will Help You Build Margin And Find Rest

Youth ministry can easily become a 24/7 operation.  Office hours are filled with planning and organizing.  Then there are the meetings and if you throw in being “on call” if a parent or teen needs you life can get crazy quickly.  But, that’s not healthy.

A healthy youth ministry has a healthy youth minister.  A healthy youth minister is someone who is rested, refreshed and ready to go.  To find that rest, peace of mind and build margin you need to learn how to turn it off by:

How To Lead With Integrity

3 Steps to Build your Leadership Clout

It’s all too often we hear stories of leaders who lose their influence because of something they said or did.  It’s a fear that I carry around, wondering, “Will my mistakes follow me?”

You aren’t perfect and that’s okay; however, as a leader you do need to have integrity.  Integrity makes you a leader worth following because you show others that you can be trusted.  To build that integrity you need to: