Are You A Grateful Leader?

4 Reasons You Should Show It More Often

I recently watch a Ted Talk entitle The Happy Secret To Better Work by Shawn Achor. It made me think about my own attitude and whether or not I was approaching each day and those I serve with enough gratitude.

Ministry is a grind and there are seasons when we need to lament and mourn. However, if that’s where you stay then you won’t find yourself in ministry for long. If you can lead with gratitude you’ll not only see your mood change, but you’ll see that you are:

Why You Don’t Need To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On Curriculum

4 Steps To Positively Impact Your Faith Formation

What would the perfect faith formation curriculum look like? Would it have videos with engaging speakers? Would it be usable, shareable and adaptable? There seems to be a lot of options; however, none of them seem to be the right fit, why is that?

It’s frustrating, you spend all this money trying different programs, but none of them work. Well, that’s because the answer isn’t necessarily in the content. To grow disciples and have an effective faith formation you need to:

Why You Should Remove Requirements From Confirmation

No one ever walks into a Confirmation preparation informational meeting thinking, “I’m really looking forward to knowing what’s required of me?” They are wondering, “What do I HAVE TO DO to get through this?”

Requirements are a part of sacramental prep that most of us abhor, but they are necessary because they demand a certain expectation. Unfortunately, those expectations are given with little to no explanation. We rely too heavily on YOU HAVE TO DO THIS when we should be saying:

What You Should Be Looking For In A Youth Minister

5 Areas that should be a part of every church's recruiting strategy

When a church reaches out to me to help them find their next youth minister a common concern emerges. The don’t want to hire someone who is going to get OVERWHELMED EASILY and LEAVE TOO SOON.

Honestly, I can’t blame them. A church needs stability with their youth ministry because the life of a teenager is not. If you want to find the right person you need a recruitment strategy.  According to  your recruitment strategy should address the following 5 areas:

What’s Really Slowing Your Ministry Down?

3 Distractions We Unintentionally Invite Into Our Ministry

Do you ever feel like the day flies by and you haven’t accomplished anything?  Yeah, I’ve had that feeling too.  In fact, it’s something I’ve often struggled with and that’s why a few weeks ago I attended a webinar on the 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity.

During that webinar, I realized that while I am constantly learning different ways of being productive, I was also sabotaging my own productivity by: