3 Biggest Obstacles To Leading Effectively

Sometimes the largest obstacles to your own success are right there in front of you.  In fact they can be the most difficult to notice because they are personal.  But, if not addressed they can lead you to frustration and burnout.

Early on I struggled to get out of my own way.  Things were not going the way I had hoped. I tried to control them and only found let down.  I was frustrated because:

Why You Shouldn’t Forget The Small Things

To get teens to come back it can feel like we need to knock it out of the park each week.  We go for bigger and more complex.  While that might lead to great memories it won’t create consistency.  Sometimes to have a bigger impact we need to think small.

There are small steps and tasks that will have a great impact.  The problem is that we overlook their significance or we think they are beneath us.  What are some of these small steps? You can start by:

5 Steps To Empty Your Plate

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means lots of food.  I’m not sure about you but every year I have the tendency to overload my plate.  The result is indigestion. Unfortunately, it’s not the only time. Too often it happens in youth ministry.

Your plate can get overloaded for a number of reasons. Some are in your control and others far from it.  No matter the reason your goal should be to empty your plate as efficiently as possible.  

To get started you need to:

4 Groups To Help You Analyze Your Ministry

With Thanksgiving less than a week away it’s easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush.  But, before you start getting into the Christmas spirit take time to reflect and analyze the last few months of ministry.

You might not feel like there is a lot to work with, but a mid year review is valuable.  It will help you see what needs adjusting.  You can look at what is going on behind the scenes.  And, it will give you the insight you need to make sure you stay on course.

To get started you need to ask the right people and 4 groups you should start with are:

How To Survive On A Youth Minister’s Salary

When I became a youth minister I took the biggest salary increase ever.  Of course before I was a youth minister I was a volunteer making $500/month.  Youth ministry won’t be the highest paying job out there, but it doesn’t have to be the lowest either.

Professional youth ministry involves sacrifice.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to be pinching pennies to survive.  There are options like working a second job, or if you are married having your spouse work. But, in the end the healthiest thing to do is: