Comfort Can Be Your Biggest Enemy

How to Stay Relevant, Effective and Constantly Grow Your Ministry

I couldn’t wait to arrive.  At the beginning of my youth ministry journey I wanted to hit a point where everything was routine and I could sit back enjoy the fruit of my labor.

After 11 years of ministry I’ve realized that’s not possible if I want to continue to be relevant in the lives of teenagers.  Youth ministers need to make sure they don’t grow too comfortable.  To combat the temptation to settle in and dial it back you need to make sure you are:


Risk sounds reckless; however, it doesn’t always have to be.  To raise the bar on how you are reaching teenagers you need to be willing to take risks like:

  • Changing the format of a program
  • Handing ownership over to volunteers

Risk means stepping outside of your comfort zone and it means allowing yourself to learn from failures and new paradigms.


It’s easy for youth ministry to react to the culture, and trends of the world.  However, if you always react you’ll find yourself playing catch up.  To become proactive you need to surround yourself with big ideas and people who like to dream.

Ask the question, “What could this look like if we…?” Don’t be afraid to dream too big, because with big dreams come big vision.  With big vision comes the opportunity to do amazing things.


When you stop learning you start losing your effectiveness to lead.  Its important to find:

  • People who will challenge you to grow.
  • Resources that will expand your area of expertise.
  • Opportunities that will convict and inspire you.

Striving to learn and grow is an opportunity to embrace humility.  It allows you to try new things, test different theories and really see where God can take you.


You’ll only know your true effectiveness if you’ve measured it.  That means setting goals and mile markers.  Create expectations and spend time to review how you are reaching those goals.

Bring others into the process so that you can make sure you are receiving a full perspective.  Others will give you accountability and push you to keep reaching those new heights.

It’s difficult to keep moving; however, it’s nowhere near as frustrating as standing still.  Your ministry needs you to keep moving because it’s an extension of the church.  And we all know that the church is a movement.

Question:  How are you raising the bar in your own ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.