Connect Outside Your Network

I love youth ministers, because they are my people.  I love talking shop and sharing moments.  And then there are the times when I need a break.  That’s when I go outside my network.

It’s good to network within your industry and it’s good to go beyond it.  To network effectively outside your paradigm, isn’t as simple as showing up at someone else’s gathering.  It takes knowing who to connect with and what to take out of it.

As a youth minister you should be encouraged to look at business, retail, customer service, etc. paradigms that will help you grow.  At first that can be a little intimidating.  However as you become familiar with the field you need to start looking for:

  • Transferable Principles: When you connect outside your network you need to look for characteristics or practices that can work in your setting.  That means testing them out and analyzing whether or not it works.  When you implement the right transferable principles you’ll see your ministry grow.
  • Leaders Who Lead: There are certain qualities in a leader that works in any industry.  Research companies with well known CEOs.  What made them tick?  How did they handle conflict?  What influenced and challenged them to grow?  When you look at leaders who lead you’ll find new ways to rally your team.
  • An Unbiased Perspective: Getting insight from someone outside your usual circle can take your ministry to a new level.  Ask someone from the outside to observe what you do and ask questions.  Their questions will reveal how clearly you define and communicate things in youth ministry.  The clearer you can become the more effective you will be.

Help your youth ministry grow by learning and connecting with others.  Ask the right questions and allow others to challenge you.  Don’t be afraid to look outside, you’ll be surprise what you find.

How do you look outside your network?