Dealing With Discouragement

And How To Keep On Moving

On the latest Rebuilt podcast, Tom Corcoran and I respond to an email from a listener regarding a frustrating situation.  This person wants to grow, but the rest of the team isn’t ready.  Or at least that’s how it’s perceived.

There will be moments in your ministry when it feels like no one is on board.  You will find times when the results do not meet your expectations.  The worst is that these moments will pile up on one another.  To move forward you need to:


There will be times when we don’t know why things aren’t going our way.  To endure those desert periods you need faith. You need faith that God is preparing you for something bigger.

Spend time discerning and asking Him to give you strength and patience.  Record what you are experiencing in a journal.  It’s important to remember you are not alone.


Discouragement is often caused by things out of our control.  That doesn’t mean you hide from others and become an island.  What discouragement should show you is where you need to let go of control.

You might need to forgive someone who won’t change.  You might need to wait instead of rushing results.  Instead of forcing the issue take a step back.  Remember, have confidence in God’s work.


If discouragement is occurring with the people around you pray for them.  Invest in them by asking God to work in and through them.  If discouragement is caused by missed expectations ask people to invest in you.

Discouragement will isolate you and build mistrust.  You need to gain back the loss confidence in others and yourself.  Do not push them away, instead work on bringing them closer.


Discouragement causes a lack of confidence in your gifts and abilities.  Instead of losing confidence look at how you are using them.  Maybe your expectations are off and then again maybe you aren’t using them to their full potential.

Start measuring (For more on measuring your ministry click HERE) what you are doing and it will help you gain the right perspective.  The results will help you set realistic expectations and help you answer the question, “Why?”

Discouragement isn’t easy and in the end it’s not good to handle it on your own.  Reach out to those around you.  Pray and ask God to guide you.  Remember the feelings don’t have to be permanent because there is hope on the other side.

Question:  How do you vent, and release frustration caused by discouragement?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Jake

    At first, I wasn’t going to read this post because I didn’t have time, but I did it any way, and I’m glad I did. A couple weeks ago, I had a huge period of discouragement, so this is something I needed to read. I mean, it was one of those, “Is this all just a joke?” kind of moments. I’m in a better place now, but those types of thoughts and feelings don’t just vanish into thin air. Reading the right thing at the right time helps. Thanks.

    • Jake, first thanks for reading and secondly praying for you. We just have to remember the battle we are in and how the prize is worth it