Do You Still Love Your Job?

4 Actions That Will Help You Decide To Leave Or Stay


I’ve been at my job for almost 12 years.  It’s a good chunk of time and it’s something that I’ve enjoyed.  It’s changed my life and made me a better person; however, there have been times where I’ve wondered, “Do I still love doing this?”

Doesn’t matter where you work there are going to be times when you think about leaving.  Why you leave matters and it isn’t a decision you should take lightly.  If you aren’t sure whether to leave or go make sure you:



This is probably the most important action you can take.  In prayer ask God to give you guidance.  He might be calling you to leave; however, your discontent also might be a result of your needing to change something in your life.

God isn’t going to call you to leave a place as much as He is going to call you to a place.  If you trust that He is in control you have to make Him your first step.


Our discontent with a job can be the result of a lack of rest or margin.  To determine whether you are just burned out or ready to leave you might need to take a vacation or retreat.

Make sure your time away is filled with rest and reflection.  Spend that time reenergizing yourself so that when you step back in it’s with a clear mind.  Give yourself some margin to process your emotions clearly.


Someone has been there before.  People have left jobs, and they’ve stayed with them forever.  Find veteran youth workers who have done both.  Ask the ones who have stayed long term:

  • What’s gotten them through the tough times?
  • Why did they stay for so long?
  • What’s been the benefit from sticking around?

Then with someone who has been at a job for a while but left ask them:

  • How did they know it was time?
  • What did they do to prepare?
  • What was the most challenging thing about deciding to leave?

Talking to men and women who have been there before will remind you that you aren’t alone in your walk.  It will give you someone to go to so that the decision to stay or leave isn’t so daunting.  If you need to connect with other youth workers go to our Facebook page: MARATHON YOUTH MINISTRY


No matter how you are feeling at this point it’s good to keep a journal.  It’s through your journal where you can look at how your mood, opinion and thought have changed about your job.  It’s an opportunity to look at whether things have progressively gotten worst or are still okay.

Is it time to go or is it time to leave?  That’s a difficult question to answer for some.  Take time to process it with God.  If you trust Him then He will never lead you astray.  And don’t worry you are never alone.

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  • Kevin Collings

    I just decided not to renew for next year after five years at this parish and a total of thirty years of ministry. I found your article to be a source of solitude as I started to pray and really discern if this is the direction that I should go in January. It has truly been a blessed thirty years but after much prayer I believe in my heart of hearts that it was the best time to step aside. My suggestion to tye priest is that they move out of a part time position and into a full time position. I will continue to work with our priest and parents of influence in the parish to encourage that.

    • Kevin, thanks for sharing your story with me. I’m glad the post could be helpful and I’ll keep you in my prayers as you make this transition. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do with the church.