When You Should Expect Results

No one has to wait anymore.  With the advances in technology everything from food to information can be given to us instantaneously.  Well, almost everything.

I’ve been blessed to travel around the country the last year with my pastor to help promote his book Rebuilt.  And, one of the questions we’re consistently asked is:

When should we expect results?”

It’s a question that’s difficult to answer.  And that’s because it’s not answered with a time frame.  The way you know you are moving in the right direction is when you start:


The first hurdle preventing you from seeing results is denial.  If you think nothing you are doing needs to be changed, tweaked or stopped then you need to take a second look.

Ministry is a growing movement; therefore, problems will arise. You need to lean in and take them head on.


You need to ask, “Why are we doing this?”. It’s a question not asked often enough or soon enough.  It’s the reasoning behind why we do what we do.  Look at your programs, events and ministries and ask that question.

Make sure what you do meets the vision and mission of your organization.  You can’t afford to just try things out.  It’s a waste of resources and you won’t see any positive results.


Dysfunction is a huge obstacle to seeing results.  You need to be on the same wavelength as your coworkers and volunteers. That means:

  • Answering the “Why?” question together.  
  • Serving one another
  • Doing what’s best for the organization.

When you work together you will see the results pile up.


You might be producing results and just not seeing it.  That’s because you need to know when you are meeting goals and making progress.

Take time to map out what succeeding will look like.  Create signs that you hope to see when your ministry will be doing well.  Anytime a little progress is made celebrate it.


Not only do you need to measure results but keep record of the journey you are taking.  Keeping a journal allows you to look back on what you’ve already accomplished.  It gives you record of how you dealt with certain issues, which is wisdom for future one.

Unfortunately, there is not tangible time table to let you know when you will see results. Just stay focused on what it is you are called to do.  And  have patience and trust that God will provide.

Question: How are you measuring progress in your ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.