Fighting A Spiritual Cold

Haven’t been feeling too well lately…I’m fighting a cold. The tough part about being sick is how this cold has debilitated me from doing two things I love…running and cooking. I tried to go for a run on Friday but my chest started to hurt because the cold went to there, then yesterday I didn’t even think about running because I didn’t want it to develop into something worse. When it comes to cooking, I can’t smell, I can’t do a taste test, I’m not enjoying what I’m eating because everything taste like mucus. To get rid of the cold, I’ve just been downing Dayquil and drinking plenty of water.
I know this is a time of year when people battle the flu; however, I think many of us battle a spiritual flu as well. We get preoccupied, worked up and rundown, which can leave us spiritually drained. When we are spiritually drained it’s easy to get jaded during this season. When we are spiritually drained it’s hard to enjoy the wonderful things God has given us.
Just like when we are sick we need to take time to rest and get nourishment. It’s funny because when we are physically sick, our body will slow us down until we take care of it but, when we are spiritually sick we don’t notice as easily…we just feel crummy but blame it on circumstances around us. There’s no quick fix to this, but the best thing to do is to quiet ourselves, break the pattern we are currently in and listen to the whispering voices of God’s love. My challenge for all of you who are feeling a little under the spiritual weather is to break the pattern from your week, find a dark quiet place and listen (if you fall asleep it’s okay).

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  • Chris, that is a wonderful analogy and so very true. I will definitely take some time to try to make sure that I stay spiritually healthy! I will also pray that you start to feel physically better. Your words are so very inspirational. God Bless