Find Your Productive Boost

Some of my most productive moments happen on a plane.  I’m locked into a seat, with nowhere to go and the view out my window is priceless.  While I miss family and am not always sitting next to the most pleasant people, I’m guaranteed to get a lot done.

Everyone has a desire to be productive.  To be it all the time is a challenge, especially when your plate is completely full.  To become productive means tweaking some of the systems and structures that pour into your life.  To boost your productivity and make sure you stay on task always:

  • Set A Schedule: One of the largest obstacles to our productivity is a lack of efficiency.  To be efficient map out your day.  Create limits where you can block out distractions and then give yourself moments to breathe.  Too many times we’re tempted to go “pedal to the metal” and burnout too soon.  Pace yourself.
  • Free Your Mind: Your creativity can be stunted when you get stuck in the grind of day to day tasks.  Find time to do something mindless (i.e. take a walk) or something creative (i.e. cook a meal).  When you allow yourself to take a step back, you can gain a fresh perspective.  This will allow you to approach situations in new way.
  • Switch It Up: Over time systems break down, even good ones.  To make sure you do not get stuck in a rut, take time to reevaluate what you already do.  That might mean tweaking your schedule, or changing your environment.  Never believe, “I’ve arrived!” because there is always room to grow.
  • Check Your Environment: Where you work, who is around you and what’s going on has a huge impact to your productivity.  Invest in your space so that you aren’t distracted.  Fool around with small changes that will help you focus.  The better the environment, the better your results.

Don’t just wish for it to happen, take the time to analyze how you produce, create and cultivate.  When you can find your productive boost, you can watch your ministry grow.

How do you find your productive boost?