Fireside Chat

I had a brief meeting for parents who were unable to make the November Confirmation Info Meetings and it turned out to be a great meeting. Because it was a small group I had time to really lay out the program and even talk about Uprising in more detail. I don’t always get that opportunity so it was golden to be able to do that even if it was just with four parents.
I studied Communications in the college and while it was helpful to learn different listening and presenting skills I wish I had learned (or at least paid more attention) to be more clear with how I explain programs and procedures. I don’t know, maybe this is just a learning process but one of the challenges I find before me is clarifying what people need to know and why they should know something. When I started as a student minister I had the understanding that people would understand me and my vision through osmosis, I quickly learned they did not. For a person who studied communications, I get a D- for clarifying. So this is what I need to do, learn how explain the vision, procedures and programs in a more simple yet, concrete manner. I need to be able create opportunities where people can hear and learn more about what we do. I need to utilize this forum to do that. There are a lot of things I need to do, but I need to get who we are and why we do what we do across.