Generation Change Week 1

This past weekend was week 1 of Generation Change our new student series on Stewardship. It’s a five week series; however, for the first four weeks we’ve been using Dave Ramsey’s curriculum. This isn’t the first time we’ve adapted curriculum to our program but it is the first time we’ve used curriculum to reformat how we do Resurrection and Uprising on Thursdays and Sundays. The feel is more of a workshop, we start off the program with music and prayer followed by the teaching videos and table discussions/activities.
It appears that the groups are responding well to the teaching, and it’s great to see that the groups are working well together, the only thing we need to evaluate is whether or not discussion should be done at the tables or in rooms. Some of the students miss being in the rooms; however, given the set-up of the program and time restraints that’s not as possible as we might like it to be. But even if we had plenty of time I think I would keep them at tables for this series.
I believe table discussions are different than small groups; however, they are a great stepping stone for those not in small groups to want to try one out…right now we don’t have that stepping stone. Secondly, we would love to incorporate more table discussion outside of small groups in the future, because it allows the students to be more active and less passive; therefore, the ability to embrace the subject more. I really don’t want groups to be the first time students are interacting with one another on a deep level, but if this doesn’t work in the end, it doesn’t work.
So that’s week one, we’ll see how this will progress…all I know is that it’s been really encouraging to see the new faces, less turnover and the relationships that have been solidifying throughout the process. God is truly great.