Generation Change Week 3

I was talking with one of the small group leaders last night after Resurrection. I asked how his group was in regards to understanding the material from our current series. He told me some of the material was over their heads while some of it really captured their attention, but it seemed as if they needed a little motivating when it came to applying the information to their lives. (That didn’t surprise me. I’m experiencing the same thing in my 7th grade guys small group.) So, this small group leader also told me that he had challenged his guys to complete the budget sheet we handed out last week and one of his guys not only did the budget sheet but came back showing that because of the budget sheet he was able to save money…not bad for an 8th grader.
Hearing that was reassuring for me, because I felt myself slightly frustrated. There seemed to be a little push back on what we were doing from some of the underclassmen in the high school program. Which I understand, because as an adult I’ve pushed back when it’s come to money management. It’s crazy because if I had a plan laid out like this for me when I was a teenager, I probably would have been a little wiser. My parents taught me to save, but there were no lessons on budgeting, these teens have so much potential to get off on the right foot with their finances. It’s hard when we teach a subject like this because there will be push back and some of that is credible; however, it should prevent us from teaching the subject, we probably need to look at how we teach the subject. I’m looking forward to sitting down with some leaders and maybe some parents after this series and evaluating the process.