Getting Mobile

Working from home today, but I’m sure most of Baltimore is too. This time the whole North East gets to enjoy what we in the Mid Atlantic have enjoyed these last ten days. I’ll tell you it’s beautiful out, but with the inability to run…I’m getting a little cabin fever. And for those of you who are like, “Chris why don’t you run on a treadmill?” I’ll tell you, “If God wanted me to run on a treadmill He would have made me a hamster.” I like being mobile.
But in all reality, this gives me a chance to write messages for the current series “Me Myself and I Am” and then look ahead to our series “Dangerous Church” (That’s big churches title). That one I look forward to because it’s all about the Acts of the Apostles. I enjoy reading Acts because it is an adventure story about an underground movement, that goes global, people die for what they believe in, the world changing with each chapter. I’m hoping that with that series we can get the students excited about their faith in a way where they see believing as a rebellious thing and not a conformity. I hope the students see this series as a way of grabbing onto something they can believe in, a story they can be a part of, instead of something that happened to a bunch of old dead guys. It’ll be interesting.