Getting Through A Dark Room

It was hard to get to writing because it’s definitely been a world of emotions. It’s been a challenge processing them, but I’m moving through it. Probably the toughest thing about emotions is identifying them, that’s when we enter into a dark period of our lives. Dark periods in our lives are similar to walking through a dark room. It slows down our usual pace of life, we get fearful of falling and running into obstacles, we become doubtful whether or not we can get through, we panic and usually we stop and get stuck in the dark periods.
When we hit these times we need to keep moving and granted we might hit obstacles, we might fall, we might get a little disoriented but we just have to remember that God will guide us through, pick us up and take us to the light. When we hit the dark periods it’s also okay to slow down, take your time and process what you are feeling and let it play out. I think some people feel it’s wrong to cry, be angry, excited or nervous, but in the end it’s good…in the end emotions are good. When we check below the surface and draw out what’s going on, it will draw us out of the dark.