Why You Have To Go To Matter Conference 2014

It’s exhausting, but it’s also one of my most favorite times of year.  Hundreds of in-the-trenches church workers come from across the country to worship, and grow together.  It’s a time when I get to return the favor and pour into people who are trying to figure out how to MAKE CHURCH MATTER.

Matter 14

On November 6th – 7th in Timonium, Maryland Church of the Nativity will host their annual church conference and we want to invite you to join us.  It’s a chance for our staff to take what we’ve learned about parish ministry and share it with you.  If you work in a church, especially a Catholic parish you have to join us.  Why?


Networking is essential in ministry.  When you connect with other men and women serving the church you give yourself:

  • Accountability
  • Solidarity
  • Encouragement
  • And so much more.

Burnout comes as a result of trying to do it all by yourself.  The goal of growing disciples will not seem so daunting if you know you have people you can lean on.


Does not matter how much experience or education you have.  A leader never stops learning.  There are always new lessons and different ways to tackle programs.  If your desire to learn has faded it means you’ve either:

  • Lost your passion for your ministry.
  • Grown to comfortable with where you are.
  • Owned by pride.

One of the best ways you can refuel your desire is to allow others to feed you.  At this conference that’s what we hope to do.


Ministry is a grind.  It will beat you up and wear you out.  Conferences are a place to refresh and refuel.  It’s a place where you can be inspired and motivated.  Most important it gives you a chance to step out of the trenches and reassess the journey you are on.

Matter Conference 14 is the perfect opportunity for you to grow, refresh and connect with others in ministry.  It’s an opportunity you do not want to miss.  To learn more about this conference and to register (Because it will sell out) just go to matterconference.tv.  I hope to see you there.

Did you go to Matter 13 last year?  What did you enjoy?  What do you hope to get out of Matter 14?