God in Your Day

I did something that I had not done the last 2 weeks…worked out. I haven’t been able to run due to the obscene amounts of snow still on walkways, and as much as I love running, in the middle of the streets with Maryland drivers would be insane. But I also used the snow and not belonging to a gym as an excuse from any physical activity. Finally this morning I did some core strength exercises (i.e. sit-ups) for 30 minutes…something small, but still felt good.
With this new series Me Myself and I AM (big church calls it Sfumato) we are all about looking inside and seeing what’s beneath the surface. For me working out is a great way of getting out what’s going on beneath the surface; however, it only works if I include God in my workouts. Now, that doesn’t mean I do aerobics for God, or I run to worship music, for me it means spending time with God before I hit the pavement, weights or mat. And the reason I need to spend time with God before I workout is because I need to constantly remind myself to put him first, or else He quickly drops down on my priority list.
I wish I knew how to communicate and make it stick for students to embrace the importance of keeping God at the top. But, unlike previous generations, this one can receive huge amounts of information at once with a message of “You can do it all”, making it difficult to understand the importance of prioritization. I know for me alone it’s difficult to put God first and not leave my time with Him as a quick prayer before I fall asleep. I know if I can give my first moments of the day to God, He will set me up for success.

So you have to ask yourself, “Where do you put God in your day?” and “Is it working?”