Good Young Steward

Two weeks ago in Ascent our 5th/6th grade program I handed out $10 to a 5th grade boy and told him that the money was for him, he could do whatever he wanted with it, but the only catch is that he had to share with the group what he ended up doing with the money. By the end of the series we wanted to know whether he spent it, saved it, gave it or used it. That week’s message we talked about the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) and how God wants us to be wise with our money. At the end of the program the boy came up to me and told me that he was probably going to just save the money. It was funny because he wasn’t telling me as much as he was asking if I was okay with that. I told him, “You can do whatever you want with the money, I gave it to you to manage.” I didn’t want to influence him in any way.
This morning his mother contacted me to let me know that her son gave the money to an organization called Trinity Missions a missionary group working to feed, support and help families nationally and internationally. On top of giving the money he also asked his family to contribute towards the $10, together they were able to provide enough food to feed 20 children in Camden, Mississippi.
This is an awesome win considering the teen could have pocketed the money, spent it or only donated half, but what he did was add to his amount and give it all in a God honoring way. That’s priceless. He didn’t just give, but he managed God’s money wisely.

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