How To Help Your Volunteers Fight Busyness

You send out an email reminder to leaders about that meeting you’ve spent months planning only to get this reply, “Hey, would love to join you but I’ve been so BUSY. Sorry, I can’t make it.”  It’s frustrating, but it’s a reality.


Your leaders are busy.  In fact all of us are busy and that’s an understatement.  One of the main reasons a volunteer stops showing up or doesn’t ever get involved is because they don’t have: 


While you cannot give your leaders more time you can give them:


After all you’ve been busy.  And sometimes it’s not easy to figure out how to get out of the busyness.  The temptation is to beat them up and make them guilty.

Instead, thank them for making the sacrifice.  Let them know you’ll pray for them.  Then go and actually pray for them.


Your volunteers might feel like they are alone in their problem.  Come alongside of them and:

  • Remind them of the vision.
  • Address that ministry is a journey.
  • Share with them your struggles.

It’s easy to create an unfair expectation and any little struggle might feel like an opportunity to disappoint you.  Let them know that you understand the battle.  When your volunteers know that they are not alone, chances are they will fight the busyness harder.


Some busyness is a result of mis prioritized responsibilities and some is caused by real life change.  If a volunteer is experience real life change give them permission to step back.

Again, youth ministry is a journey.  You want your volunteers to know that there are times when they can step out.

When you do offer a sabbatical make sure it’s a tangible amount of time.  Also feel free to say that you’ll check-in from time to time.  In the end all they may need is a little break.


Busyness is a part of life, but it shouldn’t control it. Sometimes your volunteers need to be reminded why serving God is so important. One of the best ways to combat busyness is inspiration.

The vision can supply that inspiration.  Talk about the ways God has worked through them.  Remind them of the impact they are making for the kingdom of God.

Busyness is going to happen.  You will face it as a leader and so will your volunteers.  Help them fight it.  In the end they’ll trust you because they’ll see that you care about them.

Question:  How do you help your volunteers fight busyness?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.