Hover Cars

Tomorrow’s the big day on staff, we have Christmas Eve Mass and that’s pretty much where the majority of our attention will flow. But after the lights turn off at the fairgrounds, one might ask, “Chris, what’s next?” (Even if you aren’t wondering that, I’m gonna tell you ha!)
I’m going to wake up on Christmas, eat some Chinese, watch a movie with some friends and find some time to open presents. Then from Saturday to Tuesday I’ll be conquering the Adirondacks, and that I’ll be painting some rooms in the house, resting, writing and catching up on my zzzzs. Sounds like a lot, but really it’s not…well except the hiking the Adirondacks…I’m sure I’ll be tired. But it’ll be a well earned rest and the nice thing about this rest is I’m not burnt out going into it. The next 13 miles (see yesterday’s blog) actually excites me, some big things on the horizon. A decade is ending, a new one beginning this is what I predict for the next 10 years:

– Hover Cars like in Back to the Future III…it’s about time they built them.

That’s my prediction, we’ll have to see. But in the meantime if you haven’t had a chance to slow down and enjoy what’s around you, take today.